CDSP Trial- Signal Test

CDSP obedience trial for the boys!  Such great timing being a week before the next AKC show.  Fingers were crossed that all the work put into Lance's down signal would pay off.  My plan was for a missed signal to give him a verbal, then immediately praise and call him into me, and give him a treat.

Turns out I didn't need to do that! Lance was entered in utility twice and did all his signals both times!  I even made sure not to give him any treats in the ring until after the signal exercise to try and replicate more AKC trial like.  The first trial signals were last so we did the whole things sans treats.  Trial two I think they were 3rd.

Of course Lance still had to fail somethings, so this show he picked gloves.  There are 2 glove sends in CDSP for a total of 4 sends in the two shows.  Send #1 Lance didn't go so I needed a 2nd command.  Send #3 Lance marked glove #1 and then shot off to get glove #2.  Send #4 Lance thought about doing the same (I asked the judge to give me #1 again), but veered back and was a good little corgi.

Many great things though!  Lance did 4 lovely go outs, and even physically touched the stanchion on 3 of the 4 sends (No way I wanted to stop him "short" in CDSP!).  Fingers are crossed he remembers that next week.
No moving on either exam.
Very nice glove pivots, no cheating and not wanting to pivot all the way!
Only other crap thing was fronts.  Very little effort given on most of them.

The Toller was entered in utility C for the 2nd trial only.  Very excited in our warmup and really had amazing focus and drive.  And then we withered a bit as I looked at the clock and we were waiting for a solid 15 minutes before called in.  Vito was the first dog of trial 2 and several times it looked like we were starting, and then we weren't.  No one's fault, just the wrong dog to have it happen to.

So our squish and subsequent ring entrance had a lot less drive than the practice squishes I had done while waiting.  Still good focus though!
Vito wasn't a fan of the steward table being right by the go out, articles, and start of the moving stand.  But worked through it well.
Go outs were first which I find very hard for new utility dogs.  Vito actually did a very nice job on both but his 2nd go out was way more confident and speedier than the first one.
Moving stand was very nice with a much better stop than the corgi :)
Gloves he also failed the first send like the Corgi.  Unlike the corgi I don't think Vito ever saw the correct article and I kicked myself for not holding the mark a bit longer.
Signals had some nice heeling as well.  And then he froze on the down signal.  Not unexpected for green utility dogs.  Odd though that when I gave a verbal Vito still sat.
Articles were nice!  I had to think about what method to send him with as I hardly ever practice formal sends.  Chose to send after a sit to make sure he knew where the pile was.


Zumi 12 Month Video

Zumi has a 12 month video!  Love this girl.


Happy Birthday Zumi!

Happy 1st birthday to my little Duck!  


More Signal Proofing

Still trying to find ways to replicate Lance's down signal issue.  Mostly I'm failing, but sometimes I get Lance to fail!
Here are some of the ways I've tried to both test Lance's understanding of the down and understanding of remain in a stand until cued to down.

- Food in front of him

-Food under his chest
- Food on his paws

- Waving a bag of food in my other hand
- Between a helper's legs
- A helper touching him
- Standing underneath Vito
- In between me dancing erratically.
- Suddenly dropping my chin to my chest and closing my eyes

This weekend we have a CDSP trial where I will get to see if Lance is truly back to being "fixed" and then next weekend is another AKC trial.  Fingers are crossed.


Happy Dance!

Happy Dance!  I get to brag on the Toller who had a USDAA trial this weekend and did a very nice job!

Happy Toller was even breaking start lines!  And Vito knocked only 1 bar in all 8 runs.

Saturday had a very, very close gamble!  An extremely spunky and weird off course fiasco in Grand Prix along with the knocked bar.  A clean standard run, and all my blame in Snooker where I turned too early trying to do a Japanese turn.  I could have handled the threadle with a normal push but Vito loves his blind crosses!

Sunday Vito was on fire.  Partly do to throwing up his drugs in the morning.  Vito stresses up without his medication and he was a little insane for the first 2 jumpers runs of the day!  Fancy Jumpers was clean and for the first time ever he made time in that event!  Biathlon has tighter times than the other events so we've never made it before, but Vito was just over 5YPS!

In normal jumpers Vito decided he didn't know how to pull in from the wrong end of the tunnel.  But was just as happy and fast!  And Fancy Standard Vito had a great time as well.  Normal standard Vito again couldn't pull in to the correct end of the tunnel and was just a little slower overall.

The Biathlon runs!

To do list includes
- Actually doing an automatic down on the table vs standing and barking at me before lying down on the 2nd command.
- Pulling to me and to the farther end of the tunnel!
- Dogwalk contacts kinda sucked all weekend except for his last standard run on Saturday. :(

Sadly I think that's the last local USDAA trial of the year since Vito missed all the other ones this summer.  There is a NADAC trial coming up in October that I'm not yet sure if I want to go to.  Not the same without the Corgi.


Zumi Agility Training

Zumi and I are enjoying taking Silvia Trkman's online foundation class right now.  Very good to work things other than her running dogwalk these last 6 weeks.  Only half way through class but with frost already on the ground in the morning, I know we don't have much time left to practice before practice at home is impossible.

Last lesson was working extension to collection:

And now I'm primarily going to be focusing on her running dogwalk again.  If possible, I really want to get it to full height before the snow hits and all contact training postponed till next May.  I can get Zumi into her first agility class this winter but I won't actually be able to train contacts in a class. And all classes I could get her in need full height contacts.  I can skip obstacles and reward as often as needed, but I really don't want to skip half of class all winter!
Getting close though!


Replicating Signal Issues

Since the Corgi's brokenness at his comeback trial two weekends ago I've been working down signals a lot.   Of course in "training mode" Lance is perfect so I've been working on tons and tons of rewards for responding, doing super long pauses, and quite a bit of proofing.  All going very well.

I have stumbled upon a way to replicate the brokenness though!  While I'm working on preparing the dog's meals if I randomly turn to Lance and flash a down signal he freezes or sits, just like at the trial!  Poor Corgi is such in complete food trance (often complete with trembling as he waits) that he is incapable of fully listening until the moment I pick up the dish and carry it to another location.  He knows as soon as I pick it up and move I'm almost ready to begin training.  While Lance is insane with food brain during meal training he is fully capable of listening at those times.  Apparently the moments before, he is not.  At least not to a signal, verbals he can still do.

Day 1 and 2 my plan was the same as at the trial.  Praise like crazy for whatever he did.  I just didn't reward it like I actually did in the warmup ring and run through at the trial.  That didn't work.  And I kicked myself for trying it as unlike at the trial, Lance wasn't not-performing due to stress of trial pressure/being wrong/whatever but was not-performing because he's a food hound Corgi and of course hasn't eaten in days and can't possibly think about anything other than survival.

So then the last few days I have switched to giving the signal, immediately following it by a verbal as soon as my hand gets back to my side and then walking over and petting/praising him for lying down.  He finds this annoying as it is making food prep take quite a bit longer.  If Lance does actually respond to the signal before my hand gets to my side and I've given the verbal I've been tossing him several pieces of his meal.

And this has been helping immensely.  Subtle difference as I still genuinely praise him for whatever he does.  But adding the verbal to remind him spoke through the food haze.  Or maybe it didn't make any extra difference and just the accumulation of  practice sessions with it has helped.  We have actually now had to work through anticipation issues.  As soon as I stop prepping and turn in Lance's direction he has been lying down.  I've completely been ignoring that and turning away from him like I never wanted anything from him in the first place.  And now Lance is starting to get that he has to remain in a stand for me to cue him.

We will see if it helps.  The usefulness of the food time exercise is diminishing every day as Lance is just starting to transfer into "training mode" earlier and earlier in the food prep process and out of food haze mode.  But the more I can find ways to replicate our issue outside of a trial setting the better.


Last Outdoor Trial of the Season

Last outdoor trial of the season.  A very short season for Vito!  

Since we've actually been able to practice his jumping was much improved.  Only 1 knocked bar in 4 runs compared to 2 weeks ago when Vito had just recently been lifted from restriction.  

Vito was a very Happy Toller for 3 of 4 runs.  The last run he was just a little tired and dragged around the course.  Of course it didn't look as painfully slow as it felt.  The only dropped bar was the first jump on that last run.

But we got a gamblers Q!!!  I looked at my records when I got home and saw that it was actually his 5th Q and finished up his gamblers title.  And then I sadly saw that he only has 1 jumpers leg.  I guess rarely entering in jumpers kinda does that. And of course he wasn't entered in jumpers today either.  It sucks when it's always the last run available of the day and Vito's dead tired.  

Snooker and Grand Prix he was a little squirrley!  Sending out and taking off course obstacles is very un Vito like!  Yay for Happy Toller!

Zumi came along for the ride and was a good little Duck.  Except for screaming in the crate when she saw I was playing with Vito.  Naughty Duck.  
I did discover that she does know how to heel pretty well for a toy now!  Since I mostly do obedience work at the club for her dinner I haven't used a toy in awhile.  Apparently she learned some impulse control as the forging and wrapping with the added excitement of a toy was way toned down.

Did a few mini go outs with Zumi to the fencing and she cracked me up.  Kept targeting various gopher holes in the beginning, offering a 2o2o position on them versus running up to bop the fence posts.

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