About Zumi

Name: Zumi

Nicknames: Duckie, The Duck
Registered Name: Fourwinds Running Wild
Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Birthday: 10/9/14

AKC obed/rally: CD,  RA, CGC
CDSP Obedience: CDX-C
WCRL Rally: RL3

As Zumi has matured she remains extremely drivey and ready to go.  Leaping into the air is one of her favorite activities!  Her intense desire to work actually masks some minor confidence issues that I see as her biggest flaw.  Right now we are working a little bit on over arousal issues when training for obedience.

Zumi has a fantastic off switch at home.  She likes hanging out near her people and especially enjoys giving face hugs!

Running! Leaping!  Flailing!  Balls :)

Pet Peeves:
Seeing her brother get worked!

Favorite Tricks:

Future Training Goals:
In agility I look forward to working on USDAA and UKI championships. My dream goal would be to make finals in the UKI Open.

In obedience I hope to get her AKC UD.  While her temperament is better suited as an agility dog than a long term obedience dog, I hope she will want to work towards a UDX and see how close we get towards an OTCH.

If I can get a bit more time in the day to keep working on her hunt test skills then I would love to get her WCX and JH titles.

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