CDSP Run throughs

I took the dogs to do some run throughs today at the same building the CDSP trial will be held next month.

Lance went first for his utility run and made several errors.  First he sat after I turned to face him on the signal exercise.  On articles he found and picked up the right one pretty quickly but then dropped it after taking a few steps back to me.  A problem he used to have under pressure but hasn't done in a long time.  No issues with either glove send at least.  On his go outs the first one was really nice but then he started to arc back to me and I think it was from the pressure of the other dogs in the warm up ring directly behind it.  The sends after that were good.  But on the first jump Lance again veered off to my left!  I interrupted him to send him over my right and then tried again.  On the 2nd attempt Lance looked to my right and stared right at the judge before smiling and taking off to the left.  Odd because the judge is our weekly instructor and Lance normally is not that sensitive to pressure from people.  We do it one more time at a shorter distance and Lance was successful.  Moving stand he didn't take any steps as I left but did take one during the exam.
 But despite all our bobbles he was a happy corgi!

Vito was having a good day!  He was very excited during his warm up and kept most of it during his open run.  There weren't a ton of people there and he knew the judge so I think that helped him.

No lagging at the start :)  He did look away briefly before the first turn but I called his name and did a little sidestep as I turned and he drew back in.
I've never done a running broad jump with Vito before and I think he thought my backing up was so he could jump on me as a reward!
I put the toy behind him on the drop on recall and sent him to it as his reward.
Vito knocks the dumbbell with his foot on the retrieve (I don't know how to fix that!) but does one of his closest fronts ever!
Retrieve over the high and Vito again knocks the db with his foot but does another really close front!  I played the video in slow mo and I don't understand how Vito is knocking it.  He comes in  with his head lowered, all poised to turn as soon as he grabs it but his foot slides it a split second before he can grab it.
There's a go out from the center of the ring in CDSP open and Vito's training isn't quite there. On our first attempt he went out to the pole so I went out and showed him where I wanted him to go.  The 2nd attempt I was closer and Vito went to the right spot but didn't quite touch the gate like I wanted him to.
He didn't really want his toy as we were done but I did get him to tug a little bit before we left.

achieve1dream  – ( November 23, 2011 at 9:34 AM )  

That's awesome! He's definitely improving. Keep up the great work!

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