MKC Obedience Trial

 Attempt #2 at a UDX leg was a no-go.  But we had fronts! 


Open- Q
Lance seemed a bit off during it but the video doesn't look as bad as I thought.  Isn't that always the case!  Biggest issue was skipping a front on the drop on recall.  At least it was only 1 front this time instead of the disaster at our last trial!  Biggest yay is he again held his out of sight stays!!!  Lance looked stress when I came back and took a second cue to lie down but at least he's holding it.  I'm not sure if he looked more stress because the dog next to him broke and went to sniff the dog on the other side so was removed.  Thankfully he didn't sniff Lance!!!  I hate stays.

Utility -NQ
No sit on the turn.  Thought about taking the jump on the way back but didn't :)  He briefly dropped the glove when he turned back to me but picked it up right away.

Signals -NQ
Some moments of lost focus that resulted in some wideness and then some actual lagging!  Walked when I left him on the stand.  Down signal he sat so I gave a verbal :(

Directed Jumping
Go outs were mostly straight but didn't look as confident.  After the first jump he thought about flying behind me to skip the front but hesitated and I gave a verbal front cue.  Way crooked, but he stopped and he fronted on all the other exercises.

Moving Stand
Forged but has been worse.  Took a few steps as I left and the judge approached.

Nice job.  Especially considering that our run through on Friday night was a disaster where Lance was actively avoiding the correct ones.  I tried a few times and tried to remain happy to not stress him further but ended up just quitting  before I made things worse.

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