The best invention for cats, ever

I am not a morning person.  For most of my life I've had to get up by 5am to go to swim practice, later that changed to work, and now it's agility trials.  I never got used to it.

So if there is one thing my dogs learn it's to not disturb the momma in the morning.  Regardless of how late I get to sleep in on a weekend, the dog's all know to keep their mouths shut. 

The cat on the other hand has more of a honey badger attitude. 

I keep a squirt bottle by my bed and have become skilled at reaching for it and spraying with my eyes closed.  Sorry Lance.  

I don't know what took me so long but I finally purchased an electronic feeder a month ago.  Since then I haven't had to listen to the cat rustling around the bedroom or jumping onto my stomach even once!

Unfortunately I couldn't find a big feeder that could dispense only 1/8c in the morning so I ended up going with a 4 day feeder where I dish up the food myself.  Review say some pets learn how to turn the wheel themselves, but after constantly chasing him away from trying for the first several days he seems to have given up and I have my sleep back.

Melissa Read  – ( November 19, 2012 at 8:43 AM )  

Haha... this is great. We learned the value of an automatic feeder awhile back as well. We live in peace now! We have one of the bigger ones that dispenses mostly as often as we want. Le Bistro I think. We have 4 cats though, so we need to feed a lot!

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