Finally, an agility trial again!

Vito had a USDAA trial this past weekend.  His first agility trial since October. 

Our first run of the weekend was Master Gamblers and Vito was SO happy!  He ran fast nailed his contacts, even actually a fast 2o2o on the teeter, and we played with some things that Sad Vito doesn't do such as a tunnel wrap to aframe and aframe to weaves.  He did run off to check on a male bar setter after the weave poles, but it was a happy detour, no reactive barking, and Vito came back quickly and happily.  The last time Vito had to go check on someone during a run was 11 months ago so it's been awhile.  We didn't get the gamble but I thought it was a great run.

Standard was next and I was glad to have a screaming Toller at the startline again.  The course started off with the dogwalk and a sharp 180 coming back so I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice our new stopped dogwalk.  Vito didn't like that.  The dogwalk itself wasn't awful although Vito didn't really do our stop.  But he didn't recover well.  I ended up skipping some obstacles, including the table, and ran out with him.  Message received.  Vito is not confident enough to do a stopped dogwalk in a trial yet.

Vito had 3 runs on sunday.  Pairs was up first and I chose to have Vito run 2nd even though his happy making obstacles were in the first half.  Vito has really liked running 2nd in the past because he gets to watch the other dog run.  Apparently our pair wasn't crazy enough for Vito's liking as our start was still lackluster.  But it wasn't a bad run and we finished the course without issue.

Standard was about the same.  A nice smooth run with moderate speed and a Q for us.

Good old jumpers was last and I thought it looked like a great Vito course.  I led out slightly so I could do a tiny push and thus sprint with him down the opening line.  Vito handled the tighter sections without becoming too thoughtful and then really picked up at the ending as I sprinted home.  Unfortunately Vito pulled off the last jump.  In his defense a rear cross was the sensible move but I wanted to run with him so it involved a push that I just barely made in position to do; well Vito obviously thought I didn't.

I keep reminding myself that I have no expectations with Vito.  As long as he's not anxious, I am going to be content to play at whatever speed he wants to run.

andrea  – ( January 7, 2013 at 11:39 AM )  

Glad you both had fun!
He is such a thoughtful boy - good for you for working WITH him :)

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