Lance got to be my sole dog at the NADAC trial this Sunday and Monday.  I believe that's a first for him since Vito started trialing!  8 out of 9 cues, I guessed he liked all the attention.

Sunday Lance was self releasing all his contacts.  All 3 in touch n go and even on the aframe in chances where I front crossed right after.  Can I call him naughty for it if he's had more different contact criteria than Starburst flavors?  I decided yes(!) and in Regular I repeated his stop cues for both aframe and dogwalk and gave another wait cue.  I think he got the message as he certainly stopped and waited for me.  Although I did give a "now in the yellow part" plead as he halted right above it on the dogwalk. That can still be a somewhat normal occurrence for him with the aframe, even in practice at times, but never on the dogwalk.  Sadly all of his initial stops where pretty high all trial.

The Regular course on Sunday was odd.  Only 1 actual jump, the rest were all hoops.  It made me sad that NADAC's apparently all too thinly disguised mission of becoming the flat work organization is oozing in.  I do admit Lance was happy though not to have to worry about stuttering over anything.  His jumpers run had quite a few stutters, a definite step back from last weekend's outdoor trial.

On Monday Lance qualified in all but Chances.  It was a pretty easy distance portion too as it was just a 3 jump serpentine at a distance and then a send out to a tunnel.  I stopped moving nicely for the redirect but then started moving again way too soon and he took the off course 4th jump in the serp.  Sigh.

That Chances run was the first run with a contact in, the aframe, and he was going to self release again.  I reminded him to wait a half second before the launch so he folded up and thought about doing a 4 on the floor.  I told him he was silly.  In both rounds of regular I had him hold his 4 on for a bit on both contacts.  Dogwalk stops were lower, but he was still really high on the aframe.

All about Dogs  – ( May 28, 2013 at 9:14 AM )  

This really looks like a lot of fun for both the dog and the owner.
Thanks for posting the vid.

Ximena  – ( May 28, 2013 at 11:55 AM )  

Lance's jumping looks SO improved!! He is so fast now! Awesome work - maybe you should stick with single-dog trials. ;)

Karissa  – ( May 28, 2013 at 2:47 PM )  

Happy Corgi! :o) Lance looked great!

Oh how I love that your NADAC comments tend to mirror mine. ;o) And how very interesting that everything continues to go in that direction, despite the fact that it's only been about a year since Sharon stated that a Regular course "should have more jumps than hoops," and that a course that was a majority of hoops "must have slipped past her." Yeah.... Or not.

I have stopped grumbling about it, though, because like you & Lance, it is to my benefit these days because Kaiser hauls ass through those things and it makes it that much easier to get those 100+ DRI runs. lol And old man Luke doesn't mind them, either.

Secret thinks those courses are stupid, but she's not doing much NADAC these days. See you at USDAA on Saturday!

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