More CDSP Obedience

Back to the CDSP trial on Sunday.  Much better night of sleeping for all parties and I am hoping Friday's night of panic remains a fluke for the Toller.

I decided to run Vito in Open instead of giving another go at Utility.  I was tempted to see if we could do it again, but ultimately decided there wasn't much benefit to it.  I already had my feedback of how ready he is with the exercises (much further than I thought!) and really need to be trying to continually build up his confidence levels with exercises he has a much better handle on.

So Open it was.  Attitude was pretty high outside of the ring during our warmup.  But his focused change in our ring entrance and I actually stopped right before entering and took a few steps backwards to repeat it.  The reset helped and he remembered our rules of attention during the entrance, leash off, and run to the first setup spot.

Drop on recall was first and while it wasn't done at a run, he still had decent speed and had a beautiful fast drop to just my hand signal.  And then he did a fly by and came straight to heel like he did on the first exercise on Saturday.  He was a little flat and not wanting to do all his hand touches in the transition but still seemed happy and excitedly ran with me across the ring to the start of heeling.

Heeling was much less dog than I want.  Technically precise other than 1 lag after the first left turn.  But not a lot of dog.  Certainly not my pushy forgey dog that has been showing up even in trials recently!

Crashed the broad jump as apparently that remains our trend with the running version :(  In trials at least.
I got him to do quite a bit of jumping and play after that exercise before heading for the retrieves.

Didn't run for either retrieve and was stealing a few glances at people on his return from the retrieve on the flat.  Defienetly didn't want to jump up afterwards but I did get him to eventually.  And then I need to rethrow the dumbbell after it landed out of the ring for the retrieve on high so I got to ask for more jumping.

After the retrieves I was able to hand the dumbbell over to the judge while keeping his attention, but as went by her to setup for the mini go out he went to check her and his dumbbell out. I gave him a second to correct himself and he came back without me having to say anything.  The go out was nice.

The Corgi turned it on for his 1 run in utility!  Happier attitude, better focus, and better precision.  Practically perfect combination!

We've been working on new ring entrance routines to get his training up to what I require of Vito.  Still working on his burst into heel from his (already well known) waiting position, but did you see the eye contact on the leash removal?!  Lance has not seen the purpose of me suddenly asking for eye contact during the leash hand off in all the years he has been training.

Other new thing I tried was not pivoting to face him on the directed jumping.  I'm thinking it will make him have to work harder to find front so hopefully he will be thinking more.  And then the bonus factor of allowing him to be lined up for next go out after the finish, something I know he's already thinking about while performing!  I think it helped but time will tell.

Errors made during his run was a slight forge on the moving stand (not scored), finish on the moving stand, pretty much anticipating the 2nd directed jump, and dropping the article at my feet.  I'm not sure what he was doing as it just kinda spat out as he sat.
Great moment were doing nice glove pivots, sitting on both go outs when told, happy signals, and really good fronts and finishes.

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