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I ended up taking Zumi to a CDSP obedience trial this morning.  I went back and forth over whether I should go since Zumi has had very little training since I went on restriction 8 weeks ago and has had absolutely zero training in the last 2 weeks and way less exercise.  But ultimately I wanted to get more CDSP trials under her belt before we hopefully do some AKC trials next year.  I knew her attitude would be great still, a very good chance of having great focus, and it was just the precision that I thought could be thrown out the window.  I was thinking of entering Zumi in the open level for today but decided to stick with novice.  I pictured Zumi doing a quick victory lap with her dumbbell as she sometimes likes to do when she's super excited and I envisioned lots of slamming into me on her fronts.

Zumi surprised me by really holding it together.  Pretty much no unexpected precision issues at all.  She showed some issues on her halts like I expected and on her finish.  Both things we are (well *were*) working on in practice.

This makes it Zumi's 4th time in the novice ring, so her first leg towards her "novice championship" if we decide to complete all 10 legs for that title.

And in other news, Netta had a very big day yesterday.  She had her CT scan in the morning that was clear and let me breathe a huge sign of relief.  And then when I came back in the evening to visit I saw that her little box was empty!  They had moved Netta upstairs to the NICU for less critical patients!  She now has her own room with a pull out couch that I can use in a few weeks for when they want me to start staying the night to work on feedings with her.

And Netta is starting to actually be awake now for at least a small portion of the time when I visit!  She turns 32wks today from the pregnancy count, and officially is 11 days old.

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