Getting Back to Agility

My doctors have cleared me to restart running with the dogs so back I went to agility class.  Zumi has desperately needed to do some training and the once a week work will have to do until spring.
Surprisingly Zumi's been extremely thoughtful in her 2 classes so far.  No nearly as orbity and Wahoo-y! as I expected her to be.  She sure doesn't make up for any bad handling on my part though.

Vito I was also not sure what to expect with his return.  He had a long break this past summer and when he was able to get back to training he was absolutely insane for weeks.  Couldn't even sit at the start line his arousal was so high.  This time Vito was the opposite.  Calm.  Listening well.  Not quite running full speed but trying hard and saving my butt with some bad handling.  He's only done 1 class and I'll have to see what to do with the dogs the rest of this winter.  I can have both dogs in the same class but that's harder for me mentally with the different handling and of course physically as I'm so not in shape.  I had been alternating dogs each week over the summer.

There are 2 trials coming up in early February that I'm thinking about entering. 1 USDAA and 1 UKI.  Zumi of course is due to come in heat as we just can't time our breaks together I guess.

K-Koira  – ( January 18, 2017 at 11:46 AM )  

They all look so happy romping in the snow.

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