Masters Agility Dog!

Zumi had her last agility trial for awhile this past Sunday.  She needed 1 more standard Q to earn her advanced title and do the fast track option to be eligible for masters in everything.
And she did it!  Didn't quite turn tight enough off of her running dogwalk and ended up going around the jump, but since there are no refusals in advanced I was able to save it and continue on. Phew!

She also entered in Biathlon for the first time and did way better than I expected.  Not very trick by biathlon standards, but still!  Managed to qualify in Fancy Standard and listened pretty well in Fancy Jumpers.  She was able to push to the backside of a jump with a tunnel straight ahead not once but twice!  She couldn't handle the temptation of the tunnel at the UKI trial two weekends ago so I was very proud of her thoughtfulness here.

Running 2 dogs in the same class was exhausting though.  After Vito ran I sprinted outside to do his quick chuck it ball throws.  There is no way I can cheat Vito on that promise, he definitely expects it.  Then sprint back inside to get Zumi warmed up for her run just 7 dogs later.  I suppose it could be worse.  This was more than double the amount of 20in dogs I have seen run in a trial since it became a height class this year!

Vito qualified in both MC Biathlon runs.  And broke his startline each time.  Love Toller :)

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