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Vito got to be the only trial dog again this past Sunday as I headed to a UKI agility trial.  Weird without having Zumi there!  I only entered him in 2 runs as Vito is one jumpers Q short of getting his UKI championship title.  He already has all the points he needs, just not the right distribution of points.

It was not to be.  Vito was very happy, very fast for him, and I absolutely loved his jumpers run.  But he skipped the 3rd pole on his weaves.  I don't think he has made a weave pole error in a trial in....  well I actually had to consult my record book where I have a spreadsheet of faults.  2013 was the last with a single run unless we count one run last year where he slipped in the weaves and popped out.
Oh well.

Vito's next run was speedstakes and he was still super happy, fast, and qualified easily.

I'm still thrilled with how fast Vito was running in his 2 runs.  I am hoping this great streak he is on continues!  And now Vito will force me (because I"m greedy!) to go to Rochester for the next UKI trial.  I was going to go to a closer USDAA trial that weekend but now I want another shot at getting his title.  And then most likely I'm going to move Vito down to 16in in UKI.  I love how he looks at 20 so I'm not in a rush, but man Vito is looking old these days.

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