The Boykin!!

Hello Boykin!

Before you ask, no it's not mine.  I'm not that crazy!  Well I guess I am, as he's still going to be staying with us for awhile!  The Boykin, also known as Splash, is a recently donated service puppy in training! 

I know it's the worst possible time to add a puppy into my household with a 1yr old baby and getting ready to sell our house, but he's a Boykin!!  I've had a few people tell me I would like Boykins and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with one in real life.   They were on my possible future dog list and now I get to see what at least one member of the breed is like!

So far I just love his personality!  But he's also been the most difficult puppy I've ever had in my house.  Not in terms of spastic energy (you can't beat Bubba the schipperke!!!) but in terms of wanting to chew on and eat ALL the things! Yum yum! 

Yes actually trying to chew off pieces of tug toys, carpet, paper.... and swallow them.  I've had puppies want to destroy things but not actually try to ingest. 

And Splash is the mouthiest puppy I've had too.  We are utilizing xpens and very closely supervising him with Netta.  When he's excited he's like a leaping crocodile!

But he's learning rules very quickly.  Lots of opportunities to practice don't chew that, chew this.  Don't bite that, bite this.  Boykin finally cares now when I try to interrupt what he's doing.

He's actually the only puppy I've ever had to use an xpen with.  I know xpens are very common and I've recommended them to many but I've simply have never needed one.  Every place we've lived has always been so small that with a baby gate and a closed door there is just nowhere for the puppy to go and be out of sight!  I've certainly utilized crates when I have had to go shower or something.  
But Boykin is my first puppy who just needs that extra level of management.

Kristen  – ( April 7, 2018 at 6:17 AM )  

We have one in class and I love her!

Unknown  – ( April 8, 2018 at 7:07 PM )  

looks like netta was so interested she forgot she was standing...............

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