I decided to take time today to teach a trick I've wanted to do for a long time. Vito was up first, although technically the cat beat him to it. When I was still shaping Vito to stick his head in, Luke decided that dogs were stupid and jumped in right away. Unfortunately, no pictures of that!
Vito was really confident, but it took him awhile to figure out what I wanted. Several times he wanted to try his handstand trick and use his back legs to kick the top open. Then he didn't want to lie down on the the suitecase floor since the metal bars were apparently too hard. I tried a doggy bed in there for a bit, but Vito just wanted to eat his bed! So the bed came out and he eventually got it. Well, most of the time his tail stuck out :)

Lance was up next, but Vito didn't want to share

I kicked the little bugger out and got started. Lance had no problem quickly learning to lie down in the open suitcase, but it was quite a jump for him. When I started to gradually close the lid on him though, Lance became unsure of the game. He even tried balancing on the edge of the suitcase, neither out nor in, to see if that would produce treats. It did not. So soon Lance became brave and very quickly figured out how to flip the lid open himself to get in.

It turns out he didn't even need to lie down inside to not be seen :) So I had to call him out to get any pictures. His ears support the top

medyk  – ( May 10, 2009 at 4:06 PM )  

I'm waiting for a video with Vito and Lance packing themself ;)

ClassyChassy  – ( May 10, 2009 at 6:58 PM )  

The photos and commentaries are so cute! Pretty smart pups!

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