Rowan's 1st Lure Course Trial!

Today we took a drive down to watch my very first lure coursing event. Lance and Vito's ridgeback cousin, Rowan, was competing in his first trial! The dogs were insanely excited. Apparently in lure coursing events all manners are thrown out the window and dogs are encouraged to be naughty. Lance wasted no time.
He was very interested in everything lure coursing. The sound of the motor was like bells to his ears, and Lance seemed to just know he could outrun those whippets to catch "da bunny." I have never heard him whine before, but whine, bark, and pull he did as he cursed his ineligibility to participate. Lance looked longingly at Rowan's cool cape.

BoldAnd barked his encouragement.
Vito also looked on with interest
But overall was more intrigued by the yummy grass.
Soon it was Rowan's turn to go. (Note the encouraged naughtiness!)
Just a speck in the distance
Then came a lot of waiting until Rowan's next run. Lance stole both pigs ears and was so happy!
He played it smart and kept cool.

Vito just wanted to play. Luckily there was another field where I took the 2 pups to play some fetch. But even Vito's tounge rolled out to the side, he still didn't know what to do with himself. He eventually decided to bother grandma
Finally Rowan was up again. This time wearing stylish blue
All ready to goGet da bunny!
Rowan ended up doing very well for his first trial. Hopefully next time he will be able to enter in doubles! And as for Lance, I'm just hoping the thrill of being allowed to bark, pull, and whine doesn't go to his head!

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