Lance can weave!

Lance has apparently been doing some hard thinking the past week since he came to class tonight suddenly knowing how to do the weave poles! Previously I've ranted how Lance can do the straight set of 2x2's at the club, but had no clue what to do on a "real" set of poles. I just thought I would see what Lance could do on a set of 4 pole tonight and at first Lance was confused but with a tiny bit of help he tentatively did it. Soon Lance was racing through the poles at all angles and with confidence so I moved him over to the set of 6 poles where Lance got it no problem! He was still able to hit the poles at angles and even at speed!

So I'm estatic :) But I also can't really take credit for Lance's breakthough. The only time I practice weaving is at class using a combination of the 2x2s, offsets, and a regular set with partial guides. But Lance can now actually weave! I'm not stupid enough to think that there isn't a ton of proofing to do now but I feel like we have finally made it to the top of the hill :) Yay Lance

Mango  – ( November 13, 2009 at 5:54 AM )  

You can weave????? I still don't get it.


Lindsay  – ( November 13, 2009 at 9:33 AM )  

It's a great feeling when the weaves come together!:)

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