Day 2 of CPE trial- brilliant and idiot

Oh my.  Vito started out the day really well and then we seemed to get a little bit worse every run!

Fabulous job on the short little course.  Vito actually placed 1st out of all 45 level 3/4/5/C dogs who ran it.  Nice running aframe and good weaves

A little scream after I released him from his 2o2o on the teeter, 2nd obstacle :) Same set up as yesterday with the wrap to the dogwalk and this time a 180 left afterwards.  I knew Vito wasn't ready for that turn again so I planned to drive him off the end again.  He didn't read the wrap this time so we did it again after he took the tunnel.  Today his dogwalk seemed really nice, he looked like he did a little stride adjustment on the middle board right before the descent.  Yay!!!  Good rest of the course including a rear cross into the weaves, and nice aframe.

Vito was a little nuts before we even went on the course, doing some screaming at me.  The run didn't feel connected at all, but it doesn't look as horrible on film.  Vito didn't collect at all for the 1st set of weave poles, looked at me instead and screamed.  He self released from his teeter if he even stopped for any time at all.  I screwed up trying to do a send to a double that I didn't walk so Vito went around it.

Did a different plan then I walked (I do that a lot to myself!).  Vito's weaves were broken :(  Took 3 attempts to get the entrance the first time, had to them again for the 2nd #7 and it was fine.  But broken again on the closing.  I also wanted to avoid doing the threadle in the closing so tried wrapping him around the other side of the jump.  Vito went really wide and even went around the pole marking the start line.  Teeter was good at least!

What a wreck!  Vito self released on the start line and I was so stunned that I stupidly didn't have him sit right where he was.  Then he misses a jump, blows past the weaves to sniff the number sign, totally ignores my cues to NOT go in the damn tunnel.  Idiot :) He wasn't even acting super excited and zoomy, just stupid!  What a way to end the trial.

Here's video from Friday's 2 runs and the first 3 runs of today.  I was going to include snooker and colors but it got too long and I don't really need to remember them :P

Pepper  – ( December 12, 2010 at 10:26 PM )  

Awesome job on winning the wildcard. Shame about the later rounds. Another question for you - over here the height our dogs jump right from their very first competition) is determined by their height (there are four groups micro, mini, midi & maxi) so Pepper who is a maxi has to jump 675mm (or 26.5inches). Are you allowed to choose which height your dog jumps?

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( December 12, 2010 at 10:33 PM )  

Every venue has different cut off heights. CPE is the most generous with no dog jumping higher than their withers, so Vito at 18.5in only has to jump 16in. Since he has mainly done this venue he hasn't had to jump high in a trial yet.

In most venues around here he would have to jump 20in, or 22in if we did USDAA. In practice Vito jumps 20in as I plan on not doing too much more of CPE next year.

All venues have an option to jump at a lower height, you just earn different titles. Many have "veteran" options so for 7+yr old dogs you can jump lower. and a few have exemptions for different breeds such as corgis :)

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