December Goals

November Progress:
1. Tricks- I taught both dogs to jump through my arms.  Lance actually seems to really like this one, after he got over the initial avoidance issue he always has with tricks involving me.  Of course it's not all that impressive at corgi height but still :)  Vito finally got over trying to pray on my arms and now happily jumps through.

But that trick didn't take very long at all so I then moved on to tying to fix their paw over nose trick.  I feel like I made zero progress as all 3 still suck at it.  I did communicate I wanted duration to Lance, but it lost the paw on nose part and is more of holding paw in air in a prolonged wave.  Vito's action turned into more of an ostrich movement of sticking his head in his armpit.  And the little I did with Chuck turned into stomp feet on the ground!  Clearly this trick is not my strength!

With Chuck I worked a very tiny bit on baking up away from me without any forward movement on my part. I also worked a tiny bit on crossing his paws with the use of a target still.

2. Go Outs-  I didn't do as much as I wanted with him in new places.  Only work done was Lance doing very miniature go outs at the horse barn during an agility trial.  We did do our 1st run through though!

3. Heeling- I've done quite a bit of heeling with Vito this past month but no more than usual with Lance.  I have no grasp on if either are doing any better or not.  I guess we'll find out next weekend at the trial!

4. Fronts and finishes- crap.  Did practically zero work on it.

5. Disc- Another failure.  Nothing done that I can remember.

December Goals:
1. Run throughs!- Get off my butt and take Lance and Vito to more run throughs.  At the very least get them out to a petstore or somewhere to practice with distractions.

2. Lance's agility contacts- Work on insane proofing in class with him holding his 4 on the floor position.  See if I can get him to other locations to practice.

3. Drop on Recall- Start to work this concept with Vito.  He already has a great moving down while heeling, good downs at a distance, and a good wait while running towards me.  Now to combine!

4. Out of Sight stays- Maybe go back to the random stays I was doing for Lance last January and work more with Vito.  Or maybe just work on simple time out of sight.  Oddly while Vito does have separation anxiety, I am not worried about his long out of sight stays in open.  I know he needs more work on time, but I'm just not worried about him.  Of course now I probably jinxed myself!

5. Tricks- I will try one more month to get a good paw over the nose.

Must pet the kitty!

Dizzy  – ( December 3, 2010 at 8:15 PM )  

I like the nose-in-the-arm-pit trick! That sounds fun. I'm not sure how you'd use it for an actual trick, but I bet kids would love it!

Mango  – ( December 4, 2010 at 7:23 AM )  

Can't wait for the movie. That jump through the arm things. Wow! PeeWee has been working on that too but so far it has resulted in lots of bashing of his wee head into momma's face. Ouch!

Love the kitteh.


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