Lance NADAC New Years Trial

NADAC weekend!  Our last agility trial for a few months.

Lance was extremely excited to play, would throw himself into multiple rollovers whenever I looked at him during our warmups!  Our Q rate was not so fabulous.  He did perfect "floors" after his contacts on Friday although did get lost under the aframe, twice.  Saturday his dogwalk floor wasn't so good, but his aframe was fabulous.  He needs more work on contact/tunnel discrimination challenges, more work on collecting for weave entrances, and more independence on hoops.

Hoopers- Q
Fabulous run, no zero issues!

Some wider turns, almost missed the entrance to the tunnel on the first turn just like Vito did.  I must not have decelerated enough.  But nice easy run.

Regular- NQ
Did perfect "floors" on both dogwalk and aframe!  Also nailed the discrimination which were both for the contact and not the tunnel, yay for my tunnel suck :)  But he missed a few hoops and I didn't fix them at the end.  He needs them supported more than if they were a jump.

Touch N Go- NQ
Don't know what happened here.  I pulled too hard on the first discrimination and little Lance got lost under the aframe.  Twice.  His floor wasn't lovely and he released as I just started to open my mouth, but I let it slide since I felt bad for the dude.  Later in the run he missed the discrimination and video shows I didn't do a good job handling it at all.  I redid that sequence and he got it the 2nd time.  Both the dogwalk and 2nd Aframe had good floors.

Chances- NQ
The stinker pulled out of his weaves.  I was proud that he collected to make the entry as it's hard for him to weave at the 2nd obstacle, but the moment was short lived as he only did 4 poles before heading to the tunnel.  Was able to call hi back before he went in and he then weaved fine.  Lance did ok the rest of the run, went out too far and took the wrong obstacle and then took another off course when I had to flip him out and he preferred the tunnel instead.  I was a bit late with my cues but he didn't respond late either.

Played with daddy!  He did not want to weave for Adam, missed the first entrance and then they stumbled for a few more attempts.  Adam forgot a cross and then had no clue how to handle a rear at the weaves so Lance turned before even getting to the weaves.  Then Adam had another brainfart and pushed Lance to an off course but Lance was a good boy and pulled out in time.  3rd set of weaves were good.  Somehow they made time and didn't get any off courses :)

Touch n Go- NQ
Bad.  He leaped the dogwalk and took an extra stride afterwards before lying down.  I decided not to redo it so I could redo the aframe which is normally the one he has more problems with, instead I just made him hold his down longer and gave him my "oh oh" marker.  He then missed the aframe and took a tunnel that wasnt even angled at him.  I honestly didn't see the setup as a discrimination challenge so didn't handle it as such.  Video shows him zeroed in on that tunnel  the moment he exited the previous one.  When he did get it the 2nd time it was a perfect floor.  Alas the 2nd time to the aframe he got lost under it again.  I don't know why he thinks I want him to go under it!!!  On the fixes he took the tunnel both times where I then said screw it and finished the course.

Amy / Layla the Malamute  – ( January 2, 2011 at 9:19 PM )  

Awesome!! I really enjoyed NADAC, even though I was only able to do one day of it last year. I'm hopefully going to make it to more NADAC trials this year. You get a lot more runs for your money compared to AKC. I loved seeing Vito's video too - his rolling was too cute!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( January 5, 2011 at 6:53 PM )  

So glad that his "floor" is really improving! He looks super happy -- I especially love the sight of his fuzzy little butt taking off the startline to the first tunnel in Tunnelers. And, you always pick the best music for your videos!

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