Vito NADAC New Years Trial

Vito's 2nd NADAC trial.  He was thrilled to be back on the astroturf where he was obsessed with rolling around.  It still shocks me since he is not my roller, Lance usually is! 

Vito had a decent weekend.  Some bouncing instead of running showed up again.  Vito had one fabulous dogwalk, where he targeted his leash.  We jumped 20 this trial and only knocked one bar.  He finished up novice in tunnelers and regular.

Vito needs more independence on the hoops, to focus at start lines even when he just wants to roll on the astro turf, and needs not to do one hits on the down plank of dogwalks!  I need to stop doing rear crosses on the "landing" side of hoops and actually tell him when he's going to be turning in a more timely manner.

A combination of not having enough drive towards hoops and wanting to sniff/roll in the astro turf did not make this a pretty run.  I had to redo the first test 3 times, but then Vito finished nicely.  A big positive this run was the HUGE leadout I took and his great performance until just after he caught up to me.

Great run but went too far out the first turn and missed the tunnel entrance.  Found it quickly though and finished nicely.

Regular1- Q
Not sure about his dogwalk, in the yellow but not low and it looks like he jumped.  The video angle is not great for analysis though.  He had some wide turns that I didn't handle very well.  Lovely aframe, and good weaves coming out of a tunnel.

Regular 2-Q
Much nicer!  Beautiful aframe.  I did rears this time and did one well for a tight turn, the other I sucked and thus was wide.  I'm very proud of the sexy dogwalk that I am sure was helped by his leash being on the ground after the jump.  I'm not fully sure if he saw the leash while on the dogwalk, but he definitely targeted it before he took the jump.

Chances- NQ
Very tough course, only one elite dog and one novice dog passed.  I was proud of Vito for getting the first 2 distance challenges but then I was in the wrong spot for the last out and we failed.  Nice aframe contact though.  He knocked the first bar.

Chances- Q
Saturday's chances was much more doable.  Vito nailed the weaves as the 2nd obstacle!!!  I was late on the flip out, again!, but he fixed himself quickly before sucking into the tunnel and we pass.

Weavers- NQ
Not so pretty.  Missed the entry on the first set.  Got the entry on the 2nd set but popped out and took an off course hoop while turning to fix it.  Did the 3rd set just fine.

Regular- Q
Great discrimination and aframe contact.  He stepped on the hoop before the weaves and it slid so I think that's what caused him to miss the weave entrance.  Went out too far on the little pinwheel and missed the 3rd jump.  Only did one stride coming down the dogwalk plank, but did land in the yellow.

Jumpers- NQ
Played with Daddy!  Brainfart by Adam led to Vito missing a jump and unfortunately Adam didn't decide to just continue on.  Instead both dog and human stopped and stared at each other for a little bit.  They did finish up quite nicely though and Vito started to re pick up speed by the end.

Kristine  – ( January 3, 2011 at 9:55 AM )  

I love watching your videos. You maintain such great connection with Vito while you are running. It is something I am striving for.

I also love how you have such different classes than we do here in Canada. I'd never even heard of hoopers until now. But it looks so cool. I can only imagine the speed some dogs must maintain throughout.

Catalina  – ( January 3, 2011 at 10:33 AM )  

Wow! Great job! I too love how connected you are with Vito. You are a team!
I think when Vito is rolling on the grass, "Oh grass! Where have you been?!?"

Watch 'em RUN  – ( January 3, 2011 at 3:02 PM )  

Woooah!! Go Vito!! I was in love with that totally epic running DW. Nice Job!!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( January 5, 2011 at 6:59 PM )  

The rolling is hilarious! I love his tunnel sends -- nice distance work.

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