May Goals

I haven't made any goals the past few winter months but despite the little bit of snowflakes I saw this morning I'm hoping spring is here.

April progress:
- The little bit I did was trick training.  I am close to finishing up Chuck's limping and then quickly taught him to bow.
- Lance and I are still struggling with getting him to hold an object in his paws.  I think he understands the goal but is having a really difficult time holding the object tight enough without bringing his paws lower.  Of course if he lowers his paws the object falls.
-Also struggling with the back leg backwards limp.  Lance likes to grumble a lot at me when working on it :) Sometimes I've gotten up to 3 little steps backwards but mostly we have a hard time with 1.
- Vito hasn't done much.  Most of the time he's still not wanting to eat.  I've still done some work with training him to holding an object in his paws despite his unwillingness to eat the offered food.  Vito always begged with his paws straight in the air so had a hard time learning to balance with his paws down.  Doing better and is grabbing the object in close, but often he falls backwards :)  I also did a little work with duration with paw over the nose.

May Goals
1. Disc- Go out to the park at least once a week with Vito
2. Go outs- start really upping the distractions with Lance.
3. Tricks- I might stop the backwards limping thing with the corgi  but I do still want the hugging of a toy.
4. Depending on how Vito is doing with the meds I want to get back to practicing obedience exercises with him.  I just don't want to practice any of it if he's feeling flat.

Catalina  – ( May 1, 2011 at 8:49 PM )  

That picture of Lance is so cute! What a smart boy.
By the way, you won the Guess Tibby's Size contest. I have some fun stuff for Lance and Vito, so if you want to send me your address I can mail it this week - tibbysfriends@ hotmail dot com

achieve1dream  – ( May 11, 2011 at 10:17 AM )  

Aww I love that picture of Lance too. :) It must be so frustrating dealing with Vito's medicine and lack of appetite. :( I hope he adjusts to it soon so he can get back to normal.

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