Pawsitive Vybe Seminar pt 2

Another summary of the Pawsitive Vybe seminar...

I was worried how Vito would take to 4 whole days of being crated most of the day plus camping at night.  He has done extremely well at agility and obedience trials to the point that I can work most of the trial with only occasional visits to check in on him.  Even last year at disc dog matches he could calmly hang out in his crate and watch the other dogs catching.  Vito has camped out once, at the final disc dog event last September and did pretty well with it.

His anxiety this seminar wasn't as minimal as I had hoped but it could have been much worse.  Day #1 was really stressful on him.  Vito was extremely excited upon arrival and remained revved up until bedtime.  I don't think he stopped panting from 9am until 9pm.  An insane amount of yawning occurred.  Thankfully he seemed right at home in the small tent and immediately crashed.  Days #2-4 went better.  Vito was much more calm and settled about the whole thing.  However he still wasn't all that relaxed in his crate.  I had set up a crate right near all the people in hopes he would see it as just another trial but it didn't work.  Thankfully there was very little whining going on and he did lay down for most of it.  But if I was away from the crate for more than 5 minutes he would start trembling.  When I was close by he would sometimes go to sleep or at least try to, but away he was stressed.  I really don't know what the difference was between this past week and every other trial he has been to.

Stress yawn

As expected Vito didn't eat most of the week.  He ate maybe 1/3 of his meals, eating more the first 2 days and none by the last day. 
What food?
I realize I'm not painting the brightest of pictures, but it wasn't all bad with Vito.  He did do some sleeping in the crate when I was close by and thankfully doesn't have any storm phobias.  I shoved treats in the crate during our HAIL storm but I don't think it was neccessary.
Went from hailing to sunny and clear within 15 minutes.

 Lance at least had a fantastic time!  I took him along so I could practice obedience in a new place during our downtime.  Lance has never been a big fan of working on grass that's not cut really short so it was challenging for him.  He did a fantastic job though of working through it and did some very lovely heeling, signals, scent articles, and go outs for me.  Lance was also a complete ham in typical corgi fashion and loved working the crowd.
I am the coolest corgi ever!

His favorite activity was rolling around in the grass.  Apparently every 2 feet was the greatest smell he had ever smelled.

This is awesome!

Cynthia  – ( June 2, 2011 at 5:04 PM )  

I'm sorry Vito didn't have a very good time. Cool that Lance did though.. and boy that's one happy face.

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