The boys had a NADAC agility trial today.

The corgi was nuts.  Even before we left the house this morning he was running laps with Bubba and on arrival he was out of control!  But Lance managed to qualify in 3 out of 4 runs and got his open regular title today!  He got a toenail in each aframe contact and 2 out of 3 dogwalk contacts were actually pretty deep!  The last run of the day was weavers and by then he told me what he thought of the weave poles!  I don't think I have ever seen the corgi just run off like that, ignoring my pleads!

Vito was entered in two runs that I had planned for him before the last USDAA trial sadness.  Touch n Go is his favorite and he seemed very excited to start!  Unfortunately he completely leaped off the dogwalk and I let him spiral into off course maddness in the beginning.  He has missed a handful of dogwalk contacts in his trialing career but he hasn't leapt like that since his first trial!  But he had a happy and fast run and I was thrilled with it!

He was then entered in his least favorite run of the day, jumpers.  No happy contacts and it's always last in the day.  We still needed one loley novice Q in order to be completely out of novice.  It always happens to be one little jump that Vito doesn't take due to him needing more support on the slow-Vito runs. 
We had about a very short warm up as Vito was second and I actually walked the baby course more than my usual twice.  He finally got excited at the last possible moment before going into the ring and we managed to take every jump and actually qualify!  He even put on a burst of speed to go in the tunnel!  yay for the toller!

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