Jump Work for Discs

Vito and I have been working on his jumping style for discs since the PVybe seminar.  With Ron's advice, we went to using a broad jump to force his take off point to be further out. 

The first time I tried using a broad jump Vito was super confused and either just jumped the broad without trying to get the disc, or if he tried to get the disc he would use the broad jump as a platform.  I managed to solve the riddle by putting a standard jump right after the broad jump.

Since I only have access to a broad jump once a week, I'm just using our PVC jumps as a double or triple, depending on how many we can carry out there :)

Here's the results of our last 2 sessions:

I don't think it matters that he's knocking the bars??  I'm also not quite sure how far he should be set up and how far I should be pushing his take off point with the jumps.
At the very least he's getting some success with leaping for a disc without being underneath it.  I tried doing a take without the jumps and Vito was immediately jumping under it again, so clearly we will need a LOT of work in fixing his jump style before trying that again.

Mango  – ( June 9, 2012 at 7:53 PM )  

I love the slow motion. He looks great over the jumps. Hopefully it will start to translate into good form without them.

Mango Momma

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