Another held sit!

Obedience trial today for the corgi.  I took off work so that Lance could do this last AKC trial until August and Vito could still go to an USDAA agility trial this weekend.

Lance qualified in Open which means that he held his long sit!  Still obviously stressed, but he did it.  The rest of the exercises went pretty well.  Lance's heeling was pretty good and and he was back to his usual happy self that I felt was somewhat missing the last trials.  Dinged badly on our fronts but we came away with a 195.5.

In Utility Lance managed to fail on 2 exercises so once again no QQ and UDX leg.  On the glove pivot he did what is now becoming a habit of not keeping eye contact with me and not sitting.  He took the wrong glove.  On signals he didn't lie down, sat instead.  Our other habitual problem of not sitting on one of the go outs, the 2nd on this time, happened as well and I gave another verbal.

On the positive side, Lance didn't mouth the glove today as he was doing in the CDSP trial recently.  He also hasn't moved forward on the signal and moving stands in a long time. 

Kristen  – ( April 27, 2013 at 5:57 PM )  

Horray for the sit!

Please come train my dog for me.

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