UDX-C and RL3 Titles!

I took the boys to a CDSP Obedience/ APDT Rally trial this weekend.

Vito was entered in 1 round of rally.  It took him awhile to get into the run and we had some light lagging in the beginning.  But he was focused on me and didn't give any glances towards the steward table or judge.  The last half of the course he was more "on" and seemed to be having fun.  We qualified with a 210 and this finished up his level 3 title.  It wasn't quite the attitude I wanted but it was certainly better than the disaster run throughs he had a few weeks ago.

Lance has 2 runs of Utility B each day.  In CDSP, Utility B is more of a versatility class as it chooses exercises from open and utility and then has a bonus baseball glove exercise that allows the final score to be out of 220.

He qualified on the first 3 runs with scores of 212, 210.5, and 215.5 and these were the last legs he needed for his UDX-C! 

Noted issues:
- Signal exercise was only done once but Lance sat on the down signal just like the last AKC trial.  However in CDSP you can give a 2nd signal and still qualify.
- On 2 of 4 go outs he needed a 2nd cue to sit on the 2nd send outs.  However he did not have this issue on any of the 4 baseball glove go outs.
- Glove pivots sucking.  On 2 of the 6 glove sends he did not sit on the pivot; I gave a verbal.  He's also still locking in on the glove as soon as I finish moving and thus he ends up slightly crooked on the pivot.  The poor pivot plus lack of eye contact with me is the reason we failed the 4th trial as he took glove #2 instead of #3 on the first glove send.
- Mouthing the glove as he sits in front.  Exact opposite of the issue we were having a few months ago in trials where he wouldn't let go of the glove!

Noted brags:
- Heeling was slightly off in the beginning on Saturday, but he was fabulous on Sunday.  No forging or lagging :)
- Did all 4 baseball gloves!  This is an exercise that we simply don't practice very often and he sometimes struggles with going out vs heading to one of middle gloves.  Lance arched a bit right on every send but sat when told and even sent back for that #2 glove on trial3. 
- Finishes were mostly all there!

Lynnda L in Mpls  – ( April 16, 2013 at 9:39 AM )  

I really like Level 3 in APDT [now World Cynosports]rally.I have only shown once in Utility but all my dogs know many Utility exercises which we never got to show off. I showed Java in Level 3 and she did not want to go down on the Signals exercise, just like she did in Utility in January. [She has been doing Signals -- Stand While I Walk Away/Dow/Sit/Come/Finish -- since she was little, so I was surprised when she had trouble in the ring. I realized laying Down around that judge & unknown people/dogs is part of the first exercise in Utility. Yup, I need to help her with her confidence: time to dig out Control Unleashed.]

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( April 16, 2013 at 9:31 PM )  

Level 3 is the best :) I'm saddened that the format of the titles really encourages people to stick in levels 1&2 forever to get the ARCH vs training newer exercises and moving to level 3.

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