CDSP Trial

The Toller
Vito didn't have quite the level of drive he's shown in his most recent trials, but he still gave a very nice performance.  There were a few quick look away's and I actually did a tiny reset at the ring entrance as he broke focus.  Vito knew his job though and the little stutter backwards was enough to remind him of our ring rules and what we were there to do.

Heeling was nice and only slightly pushy compared to the last 2 trials.  But then again his drive level was also lower.  We actually got to do some bonus heeling as the judge called the wrong direction on the turn and then she froze and didn't know what to do.  Since you only have half a second to decide whether to follow the judge's instruction or follow what was supposed to be the pattern, I chose to do as told since that specific direction was doable (not into a ring gate or anything).  Vito seemed happy to do some hand touches and restart the pattern so all was well and was some extra practice.

Fronts were SO much better than they've been at past trials!  All but the one after the jump were spot on.  His around finishes were starting to forge and likely in anticipation of me letting him jump on me.  I tried to get him to do a hand touch first, but he refused each time.

Broad jump was actually really nice and no hints of cutting the corner like the recent trials.  I've been working on it quite a bit more in our practice the last few weeks and especially working on removing me from the picture. The running broad jump version in CDSP exasperates the corner issue for him but it looks like either the independence practice is paying off or I just got lucky :)

Drop on recall I chose to use both the verbal and hand signal as allowed instead of being brave and just using the hand signal.  Go out was nice but again we had our wide turn on the sit.  Still having that issue in practice as well.

The Corgi
Oh my.  Go outs were first and Lance didn't head out with as much oopmh as usual and certainly didn't aim for the stanchion although he wasn't that far off.  Need a 2nd command to sit out there.  Then I signaled the bar on my right and Lance headed straight in the other direction.  I gave a quick "uh ah and told him "go out" as I signaled towards the other jump but Lance then just looked confused and sad as he took the last few steps towards his preferred jump.  I didn't think my correction was harsh but apparently the corgi was offended by it!  I patted him and asked for a high five but he left me hanging.  Second go out was more confident and he sat nicely.  I asked for the same jump again and Lance took it easily.  At least neither of us held a grudge :)

Moving stand was lovely.  Signals were lovely and I chose to give a "good boy" after his down signal.
Articles were his 2nd time in the ring using his cute little baby shoes.  Had a bit of hard time but kept working the pile and eventually found it in the middle.

Gloves were another NQ.  Did both pivots nicely, even #1 which is hard for him in a trial for some reason.  But on the 2nd glove mark Lance went out correctly but hesitantly.  Then happily veered off to #2.  I just don't think he even saw the right one so I didn't call him off his choice.

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