First Outdoor Trial

The first outdoor trial of the season couldn't have been on a more gorgeous weekend!  With Bubba's graduation on Saturday I could only enter one day.

Vito was unusually quiet-ish on his start lines but it didn't seem to be an indicator of anything wrong.  Happy Toller on all 3 runs and seemed to gain in speed with each new run!

Gamblers- NQ
Normal Trial Vito appeared.  Not bad, not amazing.  Got to do 2 dogwalks and an aframe, a perfect Toller plan.  Actually I was very happy with the gamble even though he didn't do it correctly.  It involved a tandem turn to the jump and weaves.  Vito read the turn away but then wasn't sure where to go so he slowly started heading towards a tunnel trap.  Good boy!  He didn't stop and come into me like he would normally do and ended up going out a pretty big distance for him!

Snooker- Q
We did 4-4-6-7 and ended up tied for 3rd in points, 4th in time.  Just lost out on a super q!  Vito actually had some nice running and it was one of his happiest snooker courses ever!

Standard- Q
I really love this run.  I could have been a bit better in my timing but he did a fantastic job.  Unsure why he didn't release on the teeter, but he sure was certain it was a test!

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