Eaten Alive

I was woefully unpreprared for how summer has transformed our little house in the wannabe country.  The bugs are absolutely insane.  Every time I open a door the house or car I make sure that all 3 dogs are lined up behind me so that we can sprint in or out as fast as possible to cut down on the intruders.  Even when I try and leave to go to work I'm inviting at least 10 mosquitoes to hitchhike.  This week I even needed to get bug spray for my mailbox.  My mailbox!  Ants took over for reasons I can't even imagine.

But look, agility!

I was a little worried that playing agility at home might not be as special for Vito and that we would have to work on some motivation issues.  Totally not the case.  If anything Vito is even louder and more excited about the opportunity to go play on the little equipment that I have.  Going through the gate is highly valuable for him.  And apparently for Gracie.  I think she's experimenting with some Toller Screams while Vito gets his turn.

achieve1dream  – ( June 9, 2014 at 8:59 PM )  

The mosquitoes have been bad this year!!! It's been very rainy which is unusual for here in June. I think we've had maybe five days without rain in the last month.... normally we don't get rain in June at all! And normally only one or two days in May. Very strange weather. I hope things dry up and they die off soon!

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