Corgi in NADAC

Lance finally got to trial in NADAC again!  So much for the goal of finishing up the NATCH for him this year.  Saturday was only his 3rd day of trialing since December.

Since the corgi does not exactly love running outdoors, I decided to split the long agility weekend between two organizations.  Lance in NADAC on Saturday and Vito in USDAA Sat and Sunday.  Luckily it ended up being a gorgeous day for Lance, not so hot that he was melting!  Unfortunately the grass was a tad on the longer side and it's Lance's biggest pet peeve about running outside.

Chances was first and while Lance handled beautifully he just didn't have the extra oomph to do the 2nd send portion and cut back to me too early.  Sadness since of course those are the only Qs he actually needs.

In regular he did an ok job.  Weaving outdoors is always his biggest challenge and he did miss the first entrance on a set of 6 poles and then later popped out at the 10th pole on the bigger set.  Also pulled into me quite too much on an Aframe/tunnel discrimination and I had to resend him up the aframe.  Just not feeling it.

Round 2 of regular went much better.  Got all his weaves!  Only issue was a stand off above the contact zone for the dogwalk as the 2nd to last obstacle.  I shook my head and he took 1 step.  Shook my head another time and he took one more step, barely into the contact zone.  So I waited again for him to actually take it a step further.

Tunnelers was a fun Q, just barely slower than normal.

I love trialing outdoors, I just wish Lance did too.  NADAC is one of the few trials around here that actually are outside anymore.  The USDAA trial this weekend that has always been outside moved indoors this year

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