After the corgi played NADAC on Saturday, Vito spent the next 2 days of the long weekend at the USDAA trial.

Overall he did very well.  Qualified 5 out of 8 runs, no worries about anything, and happy to play.  Practice Toller never made any real appearance for any of the runs, but I was content to run Trial Toller.

I was even brave and entered Masters Challenger Standard on Sunday for the first time.  I wasn't sure how he would handle a potentially more challenging course and wasn't even sure if he would make the tighter course time.  Turns out my worries were for nothing as Vito actually had one of his faster runs of the weekend on the course!  It wasn't the most difficult Fancy Standard course I've seen, but I was still proud of how he handled it.

Fancy Jumpers won't be a thing we're trying anytime soon.  Unless Practice Toller shows up Vito is often only 4.4-4.8YPS on a non twisty jumpers course so I doubt he would make time on anything with more collection.  I've decided on a new goal for him though.  Since Vito's fastest course times and highest Q rate is always in standard, I'm going to see how many Standard and Fancy Standard Qs we can get :)  We will likely never get a championship title, but maybe we can get gold in standard!

Video of standard.  And a bonus gambler run because he was sassier.  Mainly because it was the first run of the day on Sunday and he was all freaked out from the car ride since I accidently pushed the sliding door open button when I wasn't next to it.  Neurotic Toller could not chill out after that.  But faster running!

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