Pyra 15wks

Miss Py turns 16wks old tomorrow and weighs 20.8lbs.  I'm easing back down on my guess for her final weight, maybe 37lbs now?  But then again she still is up to where Gracie and Fiona were at the same age!

We had a few more fun days exploring the park and a new little neighborhood "nature trail" as well.
Sadly with the lovely invention of daylight savings time we won't be able to go after work anymore on the few nights I'm not teaching classes.

It's so hard to get Vito to look at the camera on our walks!  He will stay, but that boy is constantly trying to air sniff

Learning this week has been trying to master 3 areas

1. Backing into the 2o2o position on a box.  We've finally made some progress on this trick.  For a few weeks now Py has had all my "prerequisites" and then some in order to be able to do it.  But the lightbulb was just not clicking and I couldn't get her to offer it.  I even tried some variations on my normal training plan with no luck.  I can't say that she knows what I'm looking for, but at least she has done the backing up to the position a few times now.

2.  Formal retrieve.  The previous week we finally got open mouth on non toy objects (non thrown items) and now we have movement with the items.  Still not to hand but I'm thinking we will get there this coming week.  Py gets super frustrated with this trick.  All about her paws and not so much about her nose and teeth.

3. Offering spins.  Py has had nice fast spins left and right with a hand signal for awhile.  But I haven't been able to get her to offer the behavior or listen to the verbal cues left and right.   With the help of better reward placements we finally have offered Rights and I'm hoping for offered Lefts soon.

Ximena  – ( November 4, 2014 at 1:51 PM )  

Haha - that first photo cracks me up. I'm sure she's got the Toller scream too. :)

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