Last Outdoor Trial of the Season

Last outdoor trial of the season.  A very short season for Vito!  

Since we've actually been able to practice his jumping was much improved.  Only 1 knocked bar in 4 runs compared to 2 weeks ago when Vito had just recently been lifted from restriction.  

Vito was a very Happy Toller for 3 of 4 runs.  The last run he was just a little tired and dragged around the course.  Of course it didn't look as painfully slow as it felt.  The only dropped bar was the first jump on that last run.

But we got a gamblers Q!!!  I looked at my records when I got home and saw that it was actually his 5th Q and finished up his gamblers title.  And then I sadly saw that he only has 1 jumpers leg.  I guess rarely entering in jumpers kinda does that. And of course he wasn't entered in jumpers today either.  It sucks when it's always the last run available of the day and Vito's dead tired.  

Snooker and Grand Prix he was a little squirrley!  Sending out and taking off course obstacles is very un Vito like!  Yay for Happy Toller!

Zumi came along for the ride and was a good little Duck.  Except for screaming in the crate when she saw I was playing with Vito.  Naughty Duck.  
I did discover that she does know how to heel pretty well for a toy now!  Since I mostly do obedience work at the club for her dinner I haven't used a toy in awhile.  Apparently she learned some impulse control as the forging and wrapping with the added excitement of a toy was way toned down.

Did a few mini go outs with Zumi to the fencing and she cracked me up.  Kept targeting various gopher holes in the beginning, offering a 2o2o position on them versus running up to bop the fence posts.

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