USDAA trial!

The Toller got to play agility today!  I know it wasn't ideal as I've only lifted the running restrictions just 9 days before the trial.  But Vito was still looking awesome and I couldn't bear to miss yet another trial.  3 months since his last one, all summer!  I did limit to one day and we have another laser appointment scheduled for tomorrow to see how he did.

Gamblers was first and it was kind of a disaster in terms of bar knocking. 3 bars came down. I can't blame him for having such little practice before the event! But Vito was happy !  Missed the gamble of course, but it was actually due to Vito taking an off course before he even got to the first jump!  Yay for Toller making distance decisions on his own!

Standard was my favorite run of the day. The run order board crashed over from the wind as Vito was on the startline and Vito not only held it together but recovered in super fast time!  Considering the fact that Vito refused to be out in the living room when the rats are out since the gates I rigged up sometimes crash, this was a big deal!!!  Of course he goes off course as I took for granted that my dog who loves his contacts wouldn't even think about the tunnel discrimination.  Video below, including gate crash!

Pairs was a little sadder.  Knocked another bar (or 2?  Scribe got an extra bar from Vito or his teammate that I don't remember).   Vito started out well but the weaves-teeter-tight wrap wasn't the best combination for him plus I had a tiny hesitation in handling.  Overall not a bad run, just not super happy.

Jumpers was happy again!  But no one warned me that kicking your dog on course is bad.  Hind sight!  I don't even know what happened.  I was doing a front cross and had a little hesitation as I wasn't quite where I planned to be so looked for the tunnel opening I was sending him too.  I stepped into Vito's path I think and he hit my leg.  And somehow he then ended up ramming into the side of the tunnel.  I stop for a second or too, get him to bark at me, and then we continue.  A little slow but then he picked it up very quickly!  Second time today he had an awesome recovery!  No video of the kicking unfortunately, or fortunately.

So 0 for 4.  And 1 Happy Toller.

achieve1dream  – ( October 26, 2015 at 1:01 PM )  

Happy Toller is the important part so I consider it a win! Especially with the gate crashing part.

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