Problem Solving the Sit Signal

Lesson learned.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had to re train Zumi's down to sit action as she added the super cute bonus of backing up in a sit.  Now I know if you think something is cute you can laugh but never reward.  Those cute behaviors are guaranteed to stick!

I haven't been doing too much practice with fixing it since I posted last.  Mainly resetting for the backward motion ones, being close, and rewarding her forward out of the sit.  Last night I thought about other ways that I can communicate how I want her to sit that might be more clear to her.
1) back foot target
2) down-beg

Down to a beg sounded a lot more fun and really good conditioning work too boot.  Of course now I can envision this becoming part of the picture, so maybe I don't learn lessons very well after all.

Here is the before footage, already posted here:

And here from lesson #2 with this plan.  I included the entire lesson.  Love Denise Fenzi's new blog challenge on using video to show the world how you train.  Video is a more powerful message than words when it comes to sharing your philosophy on training.

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