Day #2 of our USDAA trial on Sunday went better than expected.  My foot was tired, but it was mainly from compensating than the actual injured portion itself being worse.
Shenna ran Vito in his 2 non team runs again- jumpers and snooker.  And I ran Vito in his last 2 team runs.

The jumpers course with Shenna really made me happy.  Vito always dislikes jumpers the most with it's lack of his power boost obstacles the dogwalk and aframe.  But he ran pretty hard for Shenna on a tricky course and even ended up taking 3rd in the 22in class!  I love how excited he got for her going up to the line.  I can have a hard time getting him to do that with me depending on his attitude before the run.

And his snooker run was one of his best!  If it weren't for Vito knocking a bar in the opening they would have possibly gotten a super Q!  I don't think Vito has ever done 4 reds before and still complete the closing under time!

My team jumpers run with Vito was also happy.  A simpler course and I was proud of myself for running fast enough down a line to be able to handle the correct end of the tunnel versus giving up and doing a rear cross which he wouldn't like.

Relay Vito was very sassy and loud.  We had an almost refusal which I saved and then had to immediately save him from back jumping and ruining things for our team.  It looks way smoother than the panic I felt.  Our team ended up placing 3rd overall with our slower and mostly consistent team!

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