The tollers had another agility trial this past weekend.  USDAA.  Just one more outdoor trial left for the year!

Zumi was a wild child.  She certainly is not lacking confidence. Wheee!!
There were good things.  Nice start lines, not even vulturing that much.  Nice aframes, even with 1 flip to a tunnel we haven't practiced!  And some nice dogwalks and weaves.  
Turning though was another story.  Actually she seemed to get worse in that department with every run.  Her first run on Saturday she was super responsive, almost too responsive as her rear cross "switch" cue seemed to me turn immediately and not actually take the jump.  That improved over the 7 total runs over the weekend but then she seemed to lose the ability to turn all together.  A single step from me meant run 20ft out.  

We had fun at least!  And actually we did end up with the single Q she needed in Starters Pairs to fast track her to Advanced in all the things.  It wasn't exactly clean as Zumi ran past a jump to head to her aframe, but off courses are just extra time in pairs and her partnering run was still under.  So 1 for 7 runs, and really 0 for 7 in the clean run department.

It was Ducky's first time doing pairs though!  She ran 2nd both days and was completely solid on her stay.  I left the leash on Saturday until I had the baton in my hand just to make sure she wasn't going to interfere.  But Sunday I took it off early and we just waited together.  
This was one of her wildish runs, but not her worse!

And her standard run on Sunday was pretty decent too.

Vito was Sad Toller on Saturday.  Well for those newer to the blog, Sad Toller really isn't sad, just slow.  Vito is perfectly happy to go out there and do his thing, just doesn't see any sense of urgency whatsoever without a ball in my hand.  And in this case Sad Toller also meant knocked bars.
On Sunday Vito was much more Happy Toller and running. Well kinda running. He actually improved each run and by his 3rd and last run on Sunday I thought he was moving pretty well!  Just a little refusal at the end of Fancy Standard to make a 0 for 6 weekend.

This was Vito's happiest run:

Only 2 more trials left all year, both coming up in the next month.  

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