Last Outdoor Trial

Vito gets to go first as this was one of his best trials of all time.  Especially great since we've been struggling this year!  Happy Toller both days, and even Super Happy Toller on Sunday.
Sassy guy broke pretty much all his startlines :)  and had fun cursing at me before lying down on the table both days too.

No Q's for us on Saturday.  The bar knocking issue was there in standard.  Jumpers I'll take the blame for pulling him off a tunnel.  And Snooker was 100% me as I very smoothly and purposefully sent him over a wrong jump.  Sigh.

And on Sunday he managed to go 3 for 3!  Snooker he was sassy and extremely creative but I managed to think on my feet and do a completely different plan in the opening.  Sadly Vito's plan was not Super Q worthy, my plan would have been...  In standard he was pretty darn happy.  And jumpers was one of the top 5 jumpers run the Toller has ever done.  The opening was fairly technical and Vito still remained happy and actually ran!  Sadly not on film.

Sunday's Standard:

Ducky started out much more in control this weekend than the last trial.  And then kinda became a little wild again on Sunday.  She sure has a lot of fun!
Issues remain collecting to get her weave entrance if she has a lot of speed built up and finding the jump vs just running whee!

We qualified in 2 out of 7 total runs, jumpers on Saturday and Pairs on Sunday despite a weave fault on her end.

Saturday Standard.  Almost!  Missed weave entrance, a knocked bar, and wanting to skip the jump before the dogwalk.  Pretty dogwalk :)

Sunday's Standard.  Missed weave entrance again and then came off the teeter side.  Missed a jump before the aframe which led to the wrong end of the tunnel.  And then oddly enough went around the last jump.

Sunday Jumpers.  Pretty good girl with 2 missed jumps.  1 oddly enough due to practicing an obedience go out??  I have no idea what possessed her at around 17sec to start heading to a fence post...

And that wraps up the last outdoor trial of the year.  We have one more USDAA trial left this year and it's next weekend.  I'm looking forward to trialing Zumi at the location she has class every other week.  Hoping that maybe she will be in slightly more thinking mode?

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