First Obedience Title

Yup, Zumi now has her first official obedience title of CD-C!  Friday night one trial of CDSP/WCRL was offered and I took the crew after work.

Based on last weekend's success in novice I entered Zumi again for her 3rd leg.  I was getting her all warmed up and almost ready to go in the ring when I started to feel really light headed.  Damn hormones.  Thankfully I at least had the sense to tell the stewards that I would need to be moved down a few dogs and went to sit down, drink, and eat a little bit.  My crate was too far away so I put Zumi in a down stay in the corner next to me.  I honestly wasn't sure if she would be ok going into the ring with me when I started to feel better as my little Duck looked a bit concerned!  When I first stood up and released her she did not want to follow me.

But she's such an eager worker that once I got playing with her again she seemed just fine.  Indeed she pulled off another performance I couldn't have been more proud of.  One very happy Duck.

Halts need work, which I knew.  I was less surprised on the bit crookedness on her pop stand for the moving stand exercise based on last Saturday's trial.  And she also repeated that imprecise yet happy fling on her left finish.
But her 3rd Q with a 198 and high in trial again.

I also entered Vito on a whim this trial for rally again based on last week's fabulous result.  And again Vito told me he was ready!
Actually I ended up having Vito out of his crate a bit too early as it didn't take him that long to go from sniffing/looking around to asking me for work.  Of course it always helps that he can smell the ham pieces I had in my pocket for his reward.  Quite the step up from just kibble.

Vito had a very enthuisastic and forgey entrance to the ring! And overall was kinda pushy and not really wanting to backup on his pivots- which for Vito is actually a pretty good sign, even if it's a bit naughty!  His finishes were just as naughty as he forged/crabbed on every one.

And the corgi.  Sassiest he has ever been in a trial.  If I thought he was barky last weekend he pretty much doubled it.  Not just barking on the pivots and backing up portions which is pretty  much a given now days, but I think he barked at every single sit and every down.  Man he loves being out there though.  So,so proud of himself.

There will be yet another obedience/rally trial report soon as my club's AKC trial is this weekend.  I've entered Zumi in her first AKC trial, although rally at this point and not yet obedience.  There's 2 trials Saturday and 1 trial Sunday and she's in all 3 with the potential to get her rally novice title if all goes well.  I actually entered Vito too, well before he had an opportunity to do these 2 WCRL trials.  Vito is also just in rally. I admit I'm nervous to see if he can handle the AKC environment again.  Even though it's our training club it's also the site of his biggest meltdown ever last year.  I'm repeating to myself over and over again that if he is not pumped up and eager to go in the ring then we won't bother even entering the ring...    And the corgi of course is fully retired from all AKC due to the whole not jumping thing.  Plus I just have no interest in getting an RAE on him with AKC rally where he could jump 4in and possibly tempt me.

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