Last Agility Trial of the Year?

This weekend was our last USDAA trial of the year.  Possibly our last agility trial of the year depending on whether or not I'm able to physically run at the December UKI trial or if I"ll feel too fat and exhausted.

The dogs were good.  Vito had some mixed results in terms of running speed but he was sassy on all his start lines and actually kept up most of his bars.  In a total of 6 runs he knocked 2 bars.  I was getting worried about Vito being able to jump 22in still but I think he really likes running on the mats.  Vito went 3 for 3 on Saturday, but 0 for 3 on Sunday.

Zumi also had a very nice weekend.  Some very mature stuff, of course with little mistakes also thrown in to prevent us from qualifying.  I feel like we're getting there though.  Only sped by jumps in her zest to just run twice, both on the same course and first run of the weekend.  Got all her weave pole entries.  Nailed all her contacts.  Still liking her off courses but none of them were super crazy far off her line off courses so I'll consider that progress.  The only real problem that surfaced this weekend was seeing Daddy on the sidelines who showed up for 1 run on Saturday and 1 run on Sunday.  SO excited to see him there and had a very hard time focusing entering the ring, especially on Saturday.  I think that was her really only "naughty" run all weekend as she transferred that distraction level off her dogwalk exit to do a super tiny glance and then a much bigger run off at the very end where she skipped the last jump and went to a punch a bar setter sitting along that wall.


Zumi's last run on Saturday was Steeplechase and it felt like the first time we were truly a connected team on course in a trial.  On a Big Girl course too!  Sadly we were a little wide before the broad jump and she entered wrong.

And then Zumi's not super great standard run on Saturday with the Daddy distraction.

Zumi's jumpers on Sunday.  Just pulled off a jump after a rear cross which I actually should have expected since she's not super experienced yet with extending after them.  And then a bonus tunnel and what was her 2nd knocked bar of the whole weekend.

Vito had almost identical course in Master Jumpers on Saturday, just a few different angles.  I handled it VERY differently with the Toller!  Super fun to compare Vito's and Zumi's different styles!

Vito's Gamblers.  A Q!!  Very few dogs were able to flip out the farther end of the tunnel after the weaves but Vito did it!!

Saturday's Standard.  Vito was in no hurry on this run but we made it through.  Sassy on the table resisting the down.

Vito's Fancy Jumpers run on Sunday.  A refusal and a missed backside.

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