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February and March have about 1/3 of the total trials I do throughout the year.  Busy weekends!

Zumi has done 2 more UKI trials and 1 more day of USDAA so far with various results.  For the most part she's getting higher.  Capable of doing pretty heelwork and great duration hand touches as we walk in, remove the leash and setup. But as soon as I start moving away from her she starts ramping up.  At the UKI trial last weekend she wasn't even just doing her vulturing but actually started scooting her butt as soon as I left.  I really don't think she's even aware of what she's doing.  

Then she's been vocalizing her way through most of the course.

Thankfully she's still listening fairly well for me about 90% through the course.  Of course my handling is perfect and that results in some off courses, but sometimes she's just been blasting off and completely ignoring my turning cues.  Thinking is hard!

This was her masters heat agility run in UKI 2 weekends ago.  Missed weave entrance and off course at the end, but otherwise listening pretty well.  Awful startline!

This last weekend we did one day of USDAA at the location we train at and the location where she's done so well at the 2 other trials she has this year.  And magically Zumi was back to being thoughtful, holding her startline with wya less vulturing, and just being a good Duck.

I didn't think location really affected her much last year, but maybe it is?

This was her steeplechase run on Saturday's USDAA trial where she won the 20in class!  Many, many dogs went off course after the first aframe instead of turning to the weaves.  

It looks like she still did a tiny butt scoot on this run but no squealing.  And her stays looked better on her other runs of the day.  Zumi even earned her first Super Q in snooker!

Next weekend we're back for more UKI at the location she's been struggling with.  It'll be interesting to see how she changes from one week to another!

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