Obedience Progress

Happy dance with Zumi's obedience training!

I've done some occasional retrieve over a jump without squealing, and without a ton of front feet movement!  Using a front foot target is definitely helping her control her pitter pattering, even if there's isn't any height to it.

Articles seem to be going well again too.  I feel like it's taken forever to rebuild the skill once she suddenly developed grabbing issues if it took any length of time at all to search!  We graduated from her metal plates a few months ago and have been using canning rings for a retrieve alert again.  I'm still using cones and objects in the pile to force a longer search time and to get calmer moving about the pile.  The first rep is always the hardest for her, but I haven't seen her just give up and grab in several weeks!

And I've finally gone back to working on gloves again with her.  I'm pretty sure we haven't done any glove work in a year, maybe longer.  At least not consistently.  So we're going slow.  Zumi's tendency was always to go to the correct glove and then retrieve it to a nearby glove.  I'm using some targets to try to discourage that.  I'm also holding my mark signal extra long in order to try to make sure she really has the correct line and to discourage anticipation.

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