Back to the river we go!

Today was the first time going back to the dog park since I had written about Vito losing his mind. We aren't really ready to go back in terms of Vito's training, but summer is coming to a close. Plus I really wanted to show all of you the toller scream :P

Scroll to the end for the video!

Actually we almost didn't make it there. But our delay was thanks to Lance, we can't blame the toller on this one. I usually have the dogs potty before we go somewhere. I don't know why but I just like them being empty before going on a walk or to class, etc. It generally takes Lance a bit longer than Vito since he always knows when we're going somewhere exciting and just can't focus enough to pee. Lance will go off to the grass, sniff around, and then run back pretending he did something. But after being sent back again Lance gives in and then we head off to the car. At least that's the way it goes normally.

Today Lance was doing his little poop walk but absolutely refused to squat or even pee. I waited with him since I will not let him in the car until he makes somewhat of an effort. After a few minutes Lance suddenly takes off through the open gate in the back and sprints to the car (no real worries as the gate is to the back driveway so no traffic). Both of my dogs know the rule that they are NEVER to cross the gate, open or not, unless invited. Every single time we go to the car they must wait for however long it takes me to release them. So needless to say I was pissed! I grabbed Lance and threw him back in the house, waited a few minutes and then tried again. Lance came running out of the house and again sprinted to the gate. Adam thinks he wasn't going to cross the gate until I angrily ran after him but who knows as he definitely did then! Before trying is 3rd attempt I had Lance do some pushups for me, and wait several times while walking in the yard. Then Lance successfully pooped and off we went! I have no idea what the corgi was thinking. Naughty corgi!

Well once we make it the to the dog park I could tell I was going to be easily able to get footage of Vito's scream. There's a long trail heading to the river and we happened to pass a woman holding a chuck it in her hand. Oh the horrors! I was able to grab Vito as he danced around her but then he started some low screams as I dragged him in the opposite direction. Once to the river both dogs ran straight in!
Vito actually wasn't horrible today. He started out horrific, but quieted down somewhat quickly. Lance was pretty annoying today though. His bark is thankfully much deeper than Vito's squeal but he certainly let the world know he was there today!

Align CenterJust throw the ball!
I am naughty corgi, I will push you down and steal the ball!
Of course, like always, Lance really didn't want the ball itself. He just wanted to bark and run after the toller running after the ball.
So what?
Vito was pretty polite when the ball was put away in that he switched to very quiet whining and focused more on a sad pleading face.
Are you really sure there's no ball?
What if I wait way out here for it?
Actually Vito continued to tremble a bit whenever we stood in one place. We didn't bring the ball back out but he certainly tried hard to make it so!

While the video might look a little crazy, I actually feel that this one of our better outings with the ball and water. Vito actually took some cheese from me today and only spit out about a third of them. He came to me pretty well too but I guess we ran away from any competitors we spied out there.

Owner of Storm & Jackal  – ( September 7, 2009 at 11:42 AM )  

Yep that's a scream alright! Doesn't it suck to have more than one dog sometimes? LOL I think I tend to micromanage my dogs' behavior and with two it's a huge chore. Thanks for sharing.

ClassyChassy  – ( September 8, 2009 at 3:03 AM )  

Try to micromanage 5 dogs (and 4 of them being Corgis!) - more excitement and screams - from them AND me!

I'm with Artemis  –   – ( January 7, 2012 at 11:34 AM )  

Found this while Googling for a sample Toller Scream to share with a friend. We know those stairs & beach rather well, but don't recall seeing Vito or Lance. We've got a possible toller who looks a lot like Vito, so we'll keep our eyes open and introduce ourselves if we run into you there.

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