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Our house has been fairly popular with the dogs recently as we dog sat my parent's dog for one week and then less than 24 hours after being back down to 2 dogs had another friend's dog for a week.

Meet Goose, a 14yr? old border collie mix.
I pleaded Goose off with my parents right before I went off to college as a rescue from the veterinarian office I was working at. I had only known her for a few short months but knew she was my heart dog. Or at least she would have been if I had met her at a different time in my life. So she became my parent's dog who I saw off and on throughout college.

This is Goose at 7yrs when I met her. I love this girl.
I debated about snatching her back after graduation but decided against it because of her age/possible health issues we wouldn't be able to pay for, wanting a dog my new husband and I would be able to bond with together, and wanting a dog to jumpstart my new career as dog trainer. So excuses aside, I got puppy Lance instead.

Anyways, we had Goose for a week recently but lets just say it did not go well. At her age Goose was more than a little anxious in the new environment. Lots of whining. Not loving the kitty. Remembering that ferrets were pretty cool one moment, and then very upset at their presence the next. It was stressful for both of us. I LOVE Goosey girl but was very relieved to see her go back home. Sorry hun.

Next up was Tucker, an (almost) 2yr old corgi.

This went a bit better. Until Tucker peed on Lance, well tried anyway! Seriously, I caught it on film!

Lance felt sad until he remembered a bone he had stashed in his secret spot.

Tucker followed.

Aw snap, Tucker claimed that too!

And now the little guy knows about the spot too?! What a day. (ok you can't really tell in the picture, but Vito shows up and Lance gives him evil eyes.)

Actually the week went ok. Tucker went to doggy daycare with us almost every day and got very very tired. The dogs pretty much just chilled at home. But Tucker is extreme cuddler. Like he would win an olympic medal for his cuddling skills. Rarely was Tucker not in a lap. We also found he is a pleasure to take naps with. Although I regretted my decision to allow him in the bed overnight when I was awakened by a a corgi trying to curl up ON my back, all four feet!

It didn't help that Opie bit him in the first five minutes the ferrets were brought out. (Picture is of Zoe, not Opie, but this is the best shot we got.)

Tucker spent the rest of the week on the couch whenever the ferrets came out. Preferably velcroed to us whenever a ferret so much as looked in his direction.
Tucker is also apparently nervous of the vaccuum cleaner. I got some treats out to walk him through the process. At one point I found out that Tucker will commit what he feels must be suicide to go after a fallen treat in the vacuum's path. I've never seen a dog move so fast, but I guess when you are trying to dodge death... Food obsessive corgis!

Practice for having 3 dogs maybe? Nah, not yet anyways. Ask me in another 2yrs though....

Honey the Great Dane  – ( September 27, 2009 at 1:19 AM )  

Gosh - you sound like you've been having a busy time (in what I think is already an animal-packed household!) :-)


Mango  – ( September 27, 2009 at 7:15 AM )  

Ya know, some doggies, such as myself, just don't like any change at all. So glad that Goose is going back home.

Regarding that pesky corgi totally pee'ing on Lance. That is over the top. EEEE!


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