The sheep can herd themselves

Every night as we are getting ready for bed we follow a certain routine. As soon as one person gets off of the couch at night, the dogs know what is to follow and start waiting patiently for their last outside trip. However, we recently started noticing that Lance has developed a new routine.

Whoever is first ready to finally hop into bed takes down the baby gate to the bedroom (to keep the ferrets out) and lets the dogs into the bedroom with them. The dogs have the choice of where to sleep but Lance always chooses his open kennel and Vito always chooses to start the night on our bed and sometime in the middle moves down to his kennel. As soon as the baby gate is removed, Vito darts in and claims, or rather tries to, his spot sprawled out in the middle of the bed. But Lance has been hanging back. He will not enter the bedroom until the last person is in. It doesn't matter if it is me or Adam, Lance waits patiently until the last person enters and then he quickly darts into his kennel. It doesn't matter if the 2nd person is only 2 minutes behind or 2 hours, Lance waits.
It's kind of like Lance is rounding up his sheep but is too lazy to actually go out and get them. He's basically saying, "nah, if I wait long enough the sheep will herd themselves." What a good little corgi.

Mango  – ( September 12, 2009 at 5:20 AM )  

Well, of course he is minding the sheep. He must know they can't wander off too far, so why waste the energy?


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