Agility Trial #2!

Lance had his second agility trial (CPE again) Saturday. It was at the same location as basically the horse barn is one of the few places that winter trials are held at in MN. I froze my butt off during the 10.5hrs I was there but it was worth it!

First up was Full House, level one. In this game you get to choose your own course and just have to do a certain number of plain jumps (3), "circles" such as the tunnel or tire (2), and "joker" such as the contacts, weaves, or double (1). This is great for Lance since I can avoid the contacts until I feel he's sold enough to do in a trial and same for the weaves. I played it really safe today and kept my course to only 21pts (needed 19 to Q) even though I knew we would have plenty of time left to accumulate more. We finished our course in 19sec and were given 35sec to do it. But I wanted to make sure my baby boy was successful and left the course confident. I actually don't think it could have gone much better and I even did our first rear cross in a trial!

7 hours later was Jumpers, level two. Lance also did great in this course although I screwed up on the position of my front cross out of the first tunnel. I didn't get as far enough ahead as I wanted to be so ended up angled right in front of the jump. This of course meant that I had to then sidestep around the jump which communicated to Lance that I wanted him to turn since that's the way my body and feet were going! Good boy Lance. I was able to call him back really easily though and we simply turned back in the right direction. I felt like we lost a little bit of speed on the rest of the course, but who knows! And the thing is, I orginally was planning on doing a rear cross there but after watching levels 3/4/5/C do the course (basically the same course with some tweaks) many people did a rear cross but those with the smaller dogs mainly did the front cross. I walked the course with a front cross and knew that I would have to get far over, but I guess I still screwed up. Oh well, I was still very happy on this run!

Mango  – ( December 7, 2009 at 5:43 AM )  

Its always the handler's fault... at least that is what momma says. Great job Lance!

I did a really hard course this weekend at practice with 17 obstacles (more than I have ever done in a row). I did it too! Good thing is was at the end of school when I had already gone over the A-frame about 527 times just to get it out of my system.


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