Easter Teacup trial!

I headed over to Lance's first Teacup agility trial for some day of show entries today.  My first impression was oohing and awwing at how cute all the obstacles were!  I want a baby tunnel!

Lance did pretty good.  I was really happy with his jumpers run.  He also did two rounds of standard and did well.  Lance did his 4 on the floor after the dog walk and aframe each time; although on his first aframe he needed an extra reminder as he didn't get it right away.  For some reason though in the 2nd standard run Lance blew off the aframe and I had to double back to get it.  I have no idea why as he was on a direct path to it and it's not like I did in any crosses to it or anything.  When he finally did do it, Lance did a beautiful 4 on the floor however it also made me worry.  He was barely in the yellow even though he downed pretty much as close to the obstacle as he could get.  Although it is also possible that his back feet hit the yellow again as he landed in what could be a possible 2 on 2 off, it's hard to tell from the video.  Either way I don't like the impact that would have on Lance's shoulders.

Overall I'm happy.  He felt slower then normal, but perhaps it's because the courses were so much tighter then normal.  Regardless, I am definetly doing teacup again!  The courses were fun and the obstacles just so cute :)  I just wish I had been there for some of the fun games I have heard so much about!

Megan  – ( April 4, 2010 at 10:25 PM )  

Oh, wow. That was adorable! He was SO attentive, that's wonderful to see! I rewatched the missed a-frame four on the floor, and I don't see anything that should have/would have caused it either. Very interesting!

Actually, I want a mini-teeter!

Mango  – ( April 5, 2010 at 5:51 AM )  

That mini agility course is adorable. That was weird that he bypassed the A-frame. Maybe the whole course just felt funny to him.

Mango Momma

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