Lance AND VITO's Agility trial!

The boys were entered in a NADAC trial this Sunday.  Vito was impulsively entered in this trial at the last minute.  I'm not ready to really start trialing him but got excited when I heard there were still runs available and thought what the heck!  It was also the first outside trial I've ever done.  10 hours in the sun with temps in the high 80's and humidity to boot.  At least I sent the dogs home for a couple hours to rest between runs although I had to stay as I had crazily signed up to work almost every class.  Right now I feel like I never want to do agility outside again!

Tunnelers-  Started out great!  I screwed up after my front cross and forgot where I was going for a second.  Remembered just in time but cost us some time in a little bobble and he was slower after it.

Regular 1- Slow.  Of course it was insanely hot so I'm not sure how much the weather effected him, but he was slow.  He did get his weave poles though which was something I was worrying about since Lance kept popping out on the warm up set outside the ring.  The dog walk wasn't the fastest but at least he hit his 4 on the floor and didn't completely creep.  But then Lance ran by the aframe although when he finally did go on it he seemed to enjoy either the lowered height of NADAC or the material.

Regular 2- Much faster!  No refusal on either contact equipment and was much faster on both!  He actually went a little too far off the dog walk to lie down which I'll take since that means he was more confident!  Knocked a bar though so an NQ.

Jumpers- Started out faster but again was kinda dragging by the end.  Can't blame the poor guy though in this heat!  No real issues although I was a bit late on a front cross.

Mixed bag.  Lance was dragging most of the trial but then so was I.  10 hours out in the hot sun will zap anyone.  His first regular round was crap and the running by the contacts worries me.  I'm glad I already have his first chiropractic appointment scheduled for this week.  After the last trial one of my instructors suggested it as a possible explanation for his reluctance on the aframe and dog walk.  The second regular round was much better so I'm not entirely sure if the reason is physical or just not having the confidence in a new environment.  Lance finished up 2 titles today so is now out of novice tunnelers and jumpers.

Tunnelers- Vito was a bit out of it at the start line.  He was excited (not spazzy though!) and looking at all the other tunnels except for the one in front of him.  We made a bit of a connection and then I led out.  I thought he had decent drive for the first couple obstacles but apparently I didn't support one of the tunnels enough as Vito curved back to me.  I moved forward to send him in and this destroyed my plan for recalling through the next tunnel to move out of his way for the turn.  Of course we run into the ineveitable problem of me being in his way and it takes me a while to get Vito's focus to send him through.  We finish well though and get our first Q!  Overall I was happy with the run as Vito handled well, didn't go off sniffing, no off courses and really didn't do anything wrong.  He wasn't insanely drivey and fast as I know he can be, but this was probably for the best as I didn't have his complete focus.

Jumpers-  Vito does a great wait while I lead out.  Unfortunately I didn't support a jump enough and Vito pulls off towards me.  I decide to just keep going but since he's angling in towards me I know we'll miss another jump and thus not leave me enough time to get any cross in.  In total we miss 3 jumps and knock 1 bar.  He really wasn't that fast at all, especially after we both have to stop to get situated.

Yeah, we're totally not ready to trial!  I'm not regretting my impulsive decision to enter though as I learned a lot about where we are at.  Basically I just don't know how to handle this dog yet.  Even when walking the courses I had no clue how much distance I could get, how much support he needed, how fast he would run, where I needed to lead out, EVERYTHING!  I don't think that Vito is that far off of being ready to run the courses, but I am not ready to handle him and give him timely information.

Lauren  – ( May 25, 2010 at 8:35 PM )  

I don't know all that much about handling in a agility, but both of your guys are so darn cute, loved watching the videos!!

Bella and Barry the Beagles  – ( May 26, 2010 at 4:44 AM )  

Hi - I've only just come across your blog. Just wanted to say I love the videos. My girl and I have just started to compete at agility and you guys look awesome out there!

Training my Mammoth  – ( May 26, 2010 at 7:51 PM )  

Great videos, and CONGRATULATIONS on finishing up Lance's titles! AND getting a Q with Vito! That's pretty freakin impressive considering it was an impulse decision to enter him.

Good luck with the chiropractor visit. Even if he doesn't have a specific problem, it's bound to make him feel better. I took Layla to a physical therapist a few weeks ago and afterward she jumped in the car and flopped on the seat like a rag doll.

Lance is a pretty tough boy to be out in the heat for 10 hours! I probably wouldn't have lasted that long and I love the heat.

Congratulations again!!

Training my Mammoth  – ( May 26, 2010 at 8:03 PM )  

PS ~ I love the choice of songs you picked for the videos!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( May 28, 2010 at 6:14 PM )  

Congrats on Lance's new titles! Woo hoo!!

Glad you had a chance to see where you and Vito are at. I know what you mean about having no idea how much distance/support/etc/etc -- that's how I feel about Lucy, not because she's new at agility but because I never know which dog she'll be on any given day. Makes it a "bit" of a challenge! BTW, I'm really impressed at how well Vito did with focusing on you and the agility course. Those wide open rings with so many potential distractions just beyond a rope "barrier" -- great job, Vito!

Mango  – ( May 29, 2010 at 7:21 PM )  

Hey, might as well enter while you are there. Doing an actual competition must be very different from just doing school so Vito and you both got a great practice in the open field.


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