Lance Utility Attempt

Another day and another NQ.  But Lance won't let me lose sight of what is most important in our quest!  Don't ever lose that attitude Lance!

Decent heeling.  Took a step when I left him on the stand, but at least he stood today!  He didn't do his fold back down that he always does but didn't really move forward at least. 

I was not a fan of how the judge handled this.  We had to reach into the bag to grab one of each and she wanted the same numbers.  This meant ignoring my dog!  Plus I grabbed metal #7 (which I didn't mean to put in there) and I didn't have a #7 leather and she almost grabbed it out of my hands to put it back in the bag so I could take another!  I clenched up on it as there was no way I was putting it back in after I held it and the judge decided it wouldn't be the end of the world after all.  I just have never seen article selection done this way!

Lance got both articles right and was a happy boy!  No tasting any of them either!

#1 again.  Out of our 5 attempts we've gotten #1 4 times.  I didn't pivot as far as I needed to but in some sense I'm glad as Lance really only saw #1 as the option then.  He blindly went out to where I shot him off to and then looked over to find the glove.

Moving Stand
Holy forging!!!  Lance hasn't forged that badly in months!  Every step he got further and further ahead until I became amazed at how he could still "heel" with eye contact!  If dogs were judged based on their back feet being inline with me then we would lose no points!  Miraculously he stayed and let me walk by him :)  Moved as the judge approached.

Directed Jumping
2 Straight go outs although the first one Lance didn't sit.  And then he took the wrong jump...  The 2nd time I even tried to send him to the jump on the right again and thought I did a good job of looking at it and reaching for it, but Lance happily shot off the left again.  Turd. 

We try again in 2 weeks, one day only.

Dawn  – ( October 24, 2011 at 8:27 AM )  

What days are you showing in a couple of weeks. I am entered Friday. I cant tell you how many times the judge commented on Saturday about how lovely Lance worked, even with the oopses. He just looks so darn good out there.

Laura, Lance, and Vito  – ( October 24, 2011 at 10:18 AM )  

Sunday only. Lance has only been to BOTC once and he was more distracted there so I thought I would just do 1 day. Good luck on Friday!!!

Thank you for the compliments. Lance is really turning into a fun dog to show :)

achieve1dream  – ( November 22, 2011 at 8:12 PM )  

Hmm weird. I wonder why he wouldn't do the jump to your right. I hope you can get that figured out. I LOVE is away. The enthusiasm is so awesome. :D I just love Lance. He's adorable and has such amazing focus.

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