Vito's Rally trial and Lance Utility

Vito- Rally Advanced B
I was really debating on whether I should enter Vito in anything this weekend.  Ultimately I decided to do one day of rally since it would be in the ring he's used to practicing in and I could talk to him if needed. 

I needed to.  Even though we qualified with a lovely score of a 99 (and our Advanced title), it just wasn't the performance I was looking for.  I could tell Vito was stressed the moment we walked into the ring and while he went through all the right motions his heart just wasn't in it.  Vito lagged through most of it although it was only a slight lag.  We just didn't have that connection.  On the positive side he did have good attention and did do all the exercises nicely. 

I had high hopes before going into the ring since he was very happy to be at the trial, loved seeing Grandma, and warmed up really nicely even with a tug toy.  I guess Vito is back on hiatus from showing in obedience again until I can figure out how to have a happy Vito in the ring.  I don't care about the scores or placements if my dog doesn't have that happy attitude.

Looking at the video some of you may be questioning my judgement since he doesn't look like a dog who's been beaten, but it didn't feel like my dog when running the course.  And if my dogs are lagging it's a very good sign they're stressed.

Lance- Utility A
Signals, NQ
Lance didn't charge off as usual on the start!! Actually when looking at the video he was already in a forged sit while waiting to start...  Still ended up forging very quickly but at least he took his first step with me and he settled back into a nicer position during the fast.

I don't know what happened on the stand signal but Lance stood for a tiny bit and then sat.  I'm going to take the blame for it since I for some reason wasn't expecting the command yet and I think I felt weird when giving the signal.  I stood him again before leaving and the corgi still took a step as I left.

Articles- 1pt
On the first send I think he quickly tasted 2 articles before grabbing the right one. While waiting for the second one he kept looking at Daddy but refocused before the send.  The article was in the middle and Lance still struggles with that in practice but kept searching nicely today!

Gloves- 1/2pt
Glove #1 went nicely although Lance sat farther away from me than I've trained and thus was a bit crooked.

Moving Sand- 1/2pt
Once again he moved a bit after I left him.  But he has the best call to heel he's ever done!

Directed Jumping- NQ
The first go out Lance started out straight but alas veered off and took the jump on the left.  At least he continued going out a bit.  Then he took the jump closest to him instead of going out across the ring.  We've been practicing off centered jumping in practice but I guess we're not there yet.  The second go out was perfect!  Although if I was thinking I should have sent Lance to the other jump instead of letting him do the same one again.

So a happy performance but not meant to be.  Tomorrow we try again!

achieve1dream  – ( November 22, 2011 at 8:04 PM )  

Aww if you guys had fun then you're winners anyway. :D Congrats on Vito's Advanced title. That's awesome. I agree with what you said that I don't see him looking stressed, but you know your dogs way better than anyone else. I did notice the lagging. I still think he did awesome. He's so smart!

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